Don’t You Judge Me

When you have found what you are looking for how do you respond and show it?

Greetings dear readers. This blog post  Don’t You Judge Me starts with the above question because things are changing rapidly.

Do you have ones in your life that you love? Mmm hmm.  What about people you trust? Very fine. Are such ones only in your immediate family?

Hopefully, we have all made room for outside family members as well to fill our hearts with love and trust with them.

One thing that I am taking for granted with the wonderful readers here is this:

They enjoy the majority of the articles, and you are exactly the type of humans who appreciate people and culture.

At times, there is a subconscious qualifier placed with “people.”

“Qualifier” in the context of meeting a standard to be eligible for something.

In this case, let’s ask the question: “Who qualifies to be your friend?”

Does this seem like a strange question?

What? In a well-established societal view of people, today saying, “Don’t you judge me!” ‘He went there?’

Yes, I did. There are logical reasons why we judge matters every day.  There are some choices like the food we consume for nutrition that affects no one around us. If it does hurt someone feelings around you, then maybe there is a bigger problem.

But back to the question “Who qualifies to be your friend?”

Most assuredly, this question is only for the ones who enjoys having good friends; not solely acquaintances.

Acquaintance & Friend Defined

Acquaintance: A person whom one knows but who is not  particularly a close friend.

Friend: one attached to another by affection or esteem. You enjoy being with them. A person who helps or supports someone.

With the help of Merriam-Webster Dictionary, you have a view of the emotional differences between a friend and acquaintance.

In the next section, you are asked to answer questions by putting yourself in the shoes of one in need of an acquaintance or friend. There are only two choices to be made.

Answers by You

Answer the following questions by stating friend or acquaintance.

  1. You are taking a lunch break?
  2. Your car breaks down in the middle of the night, and you need help. Who do you know will help you?
  3. If you are teased or bullied, who will stand by you?
  4. When you see someone genuinely in need of help what relationship will move you to be proactive in helping them?
  5. A person who continues building you up and keeps reminding that you are worth something?

Other than the first answer, you will most likely answer “friend” on all the others.

Don’t You Judge Me

Did you notice how you just judged the difference between a friend and acquaintance according to your in theory needs?

Now are you able to look at the people in your inner circle and say, “Friend; friend, or, oh-oh, maybe not.”

When it comes to judging people, a large number of people are unaware of what things are judged by a standard given by God and what things are personal conscience decisions.

Hey, your desire to go totally vegan is your choice! I’m not going to get mad at you. 🙂

Also, we keep this point in mind about judging: Even when a person is living in a way that is harmful to themselves and society, we don’t judge the person by saying, “He/She can’t change.”

Note: The scope of this article does not go into scripturally the ones who have the authority to address matters in a lawful way to protect the communities from ones breaking such laws like the the ten commandments.

Beautiful Swans come from ugly ducklings

Some of us may still be in the ugly duckling stage of our lives, but people do and have changed. Yet, you will find that it often involves new friends, and maybe the love and patience of the old long true ones to help the individual. And yes, you know there is a spiritual element to this that cannot be ignored.

In order to become beautiful swans, so to speak, our spirituality cannot be ignored.

Who will help you to grow into a beautiful swan? A Friend or acquaintance?


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