Dont let medown By Facing West

Don’t Let Me Down Facing West

Don’t let me Down Facing West is an article that once again features these talented Sisters(Sydney & Caitlin) new music video cover front and center for you. It also shares with you the feelings behind the words as I hear them and quite possible when you hear them too. Facing West has once again picked a song that resonates with us today. Why is this the case?

There are times in a person’s life when you are in need of help.

Life experiences sometimes will also provide knowledge to you in areas so that hopefully you will be able to recognize someone else whose heart’s request, and yes, outcries should receive the help.

When somebody is in need of help, who will help her or him?

A Moment to Think

Could this old story’s moral example be one reason people hesitate to help others?

Remember the story about the boy who cried the wolf alarm as a test, or game if you will, the town’s people limits? Then when he encountered real trouble by the wolf’s approach, the people were so tired of frivolous warning calls, they did not answer him.

The moral of the story: In such a case, people understand why the townsfolk was justified in ignoring him. Also, the story teaches the reader not to practice lying because the consequences will eventually lead to bad and even devastating results.

In this instance, the boy now needed a miracle that did not come. And a large number of people will agree it was now justified to ignore the boy on the last call before his devastation. Emotionally, some with vengeful thoughts say, “Serve him right, for getting what he deserves or “Serve her right, for getting what she deserves!”

The above example is just to show how a lot of frustrated people are feeling today. It is not that they don’t want to help, it is because they have been “burned” so many times by people, by scams and lies, they are scared to help others. Yes, scared to “stick their neck out” so to speak for others, for fear they will lose what little or a lot they already have.

When you need a miracle

The warm heart is often proactive for the object if its affections.

Observation of a warm heart: A warm heart knows what justice and mercy are to the human society. It also feels it.

The warmness and empathy of such a heart looks for ways to extend mercy even to people they may not even know.

Remember, when it comes to mercy, it doesn’t necessarily mean the person has earned it through works or some monetary payment.

What happens is the person often shows a sincere and contrite spirit to such a degree where they may have even cried wolf several times; but if they get it(learned from it) now,  in such a case do  you always have to allow them to be eaten by wolves because it may seem like he/she deserves it? (Note: We are just talking about everyday human relations and interactions, not major crimes that the justice system handles)

The account above is used to share this next point. In today’s world, there are still many people who wouldn’t blatantly do what the boy who cried wolf did to the townsfolk. People make mistakes. People at times need help in varying degrees. Who needs help? Who has sought it out?

Who do we normally approach first? Aside from the Grand Creator, we turn to family and friends. Our loved ones. And what heart are we expecting them to display when we genuinely need their help?

When a person does not receive it how does it make them feel? How would you feel?

Being in positive reflection, your spirited actions have shown time and time again, you were/are happy to help others in their hours of need. So would you be in the wrong for expecting loving help back in return?

What would a warm heart say empathically to that question?

Hence, when a genuine human comes to you singing “The Chainsmokers ft Daya – Don’t Let Me Down – by Facing West & Cody Lovaas”  What heart beats in your chest?

Did you already answer with a warm smile? Well, wonderful!

Don’t Let Me Down

Okay then, now it is a pleasure to hear the group Facing West sing! And Cody Lovaas, we are appreciative of the way he added his talented style to the mix!

Also you can hear a more in dept analysis of this Facing West song in The Perceptive Readers podcast. Right here:  

Enjoy “The Chainsmokers ft Daya – Don’t Let Me Down – by Facing West & Cody Lovaas”


Looking for a better world. Praying for a better day and mercy for the ones who have a heart of mercy.

Matthew 5:7

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