Disagreements and Agreements Resolved Over Coffee

Disagreements and Agreements. When someone has already shown they forgiven you of something serious, then would you still be afraid to take the first or next step in talking to the person who forgave you?
The world today is teaching people not to talk one-on-one at all anymore. This incorrect method of handling disagreements between two people have many thinking, maybe even you, that there always needs to be a group of other personalities involved to solve your non-violent disagreements. Disagreements that are common to men and women.

For example, you may have received a gift that another friend or person wanted, now you notice that same person barely talks to you.

Do you have to call another person or group in to resolve it before having a clear conversation with that person? Letter writing works at times as well if you are not able to talk with the person. If you choose letter writing, it is helpful to do it in a “friendly letter” spirit. I talked about it here for some ideas.
Have you thought about this?

Friendly Letter Writing For You

Perceptive Readers Episode

Disagreements and Agreements Resolved Over Coffee
Beginning in a light-hearted Way

As you are aware, with all sorts of people and thinking on this earth, there are misunderstandings that arise daily. Some are serious, while others just pertain in finding the best way to implement an idea or course of action. However, at times, you encounter individuals who are quite new to making choices for him or herself, and its seems they need feedback for everything. And I do mean everything. When this happens they do not always touch base with you first, but will quickly run to share it with others. (Mathew 5:23-24) And this has happened quite a bit, the more people who are involved (with agendas) the more they make matters worse between you and your (close) friend or entrepreneur associate. #experience #fact

I’ve always appreciated reading about what an abundantly wise man stated here: Good Book aka Holy Bible Mathew 5:23-24. No matter what misunderstanding and problems in life you encounter with someone you consider a brother, friend, and in principle, a networked professional; it is best to resolve the matter between you two first. By clear communication, as if you are providing clear insight into your heart’s motive, because you are; you often will be able to work out the rough spots in the relationship. There may be moments when friction arrives again, but if you get into the practice now, you find overtime that you two have a respectful understanding of each other. Just think one-to-one conversation of this nature often are resolved with less time it takes to drink a cup of coffee if needed. OKAY two cups of coffee; just because!