Dignity Quantum Source

Dignity Quantum Source
Collaboration: Raven Poetry and Sages Poetry Collection

The Internet will say it is the state or quality of being worthy of another’s respect

Mine and yours quality of life is of the highest form

I had always thoughts the two were the same.
What does it take to be worthy?
We may ask ourselves all the time what our worth is.
Are we valuable?

The changing of circumstances does not in truth change your value.

Ask yourself whose respect you’re looking for first of all. If yourself isn’t included then you’re not looking in the right place. It is your responsibility to hold yourself to a certain standard.

Yours and mine responsibility is to remember the source of our value

Time is precious and you should consider the impact you make in that.

Daily remind yourself:
I was born with dignity
And my circumstance, environment, nor people who don’t have the quantum awareness to see the source at this time changes this:

I am Valued
I am Loved
I am birth in Dignity

Have you ever read about Quantum Physics?

Note this one reference:
Can Quantum Physics Teach Us About God and Ourselves?
BY Eden Arielle Gordon PUBLISHED Feb 09, 2020

“Quantum physics (aka quantum mechanics or quantum theory) is one of the most complicated things you can study, but it’s also incredibly mind-blowing. Let’s focus on some of the basic tenets of quantum mechanics, and use those to explore the relationship among quantum science, human thought, and some of the deepest philosophies of Christianity and Buddhism. We’ll explore the fundamentals of quantum theory – and maybe we’ll find some hints about the nature of reality along the way.”

Read the whole article with a video here

Have a pleasant day in your countenance of dignity. – Product of Culture website