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Daniela Andrade Answers FAQ on Twitter

Daniela Andrade Answers Frequently Ask Questions via Twitter.  On March 26, 2017; all listeners on Twitter’s Social Media platform received this greeting:

‘Hello, my name is Lesly-Daniela Andrade-Rivera. Nice to finally meet you.’

Then on March 27, 2017; Daniela Andrade proceeded to share some of the questions she gets from fans and supporters. The interested readers appreciated Daniela extending her answers to cover why she feels this or that way. When you expand Daniela’s Twitter conversation status you will see more than one person connected to her social media feed related to the answers.

Take a look right here now if you like?

Daniela Andrade Answers FAQ on Twitter


  • Question: Daniela, why do you look so tired?
  • Answer: I am wildly affected by my environments. I feel feelings so hard I am constantly sleepy.-

Daniela Andrade Answers FAQ on Social Mediabut actually, its been really cool to stop asking myself why I’m a certain way, and try and ask a question rather than impose an expectation. Like that I SHOULDN’T feel so tired.

Ever since I was a kid, I can remember getting headaches and feeling withdrawn. And into adulthood wondering how in the world some of my friends had so much energy. Answer is, different humans interact differently…. with the world around them and respond differently as well. When I force myself to not feel tired, or be sensitive, I just get more tired.

So I’m this sleepy, overthinking, constantly disturbed & delighted human being & I don’t fare well in social situations & that’s totally ok! ..


  • Question: Daniela, why don’t you smile more in photos?
  • Answer: While I project a cheerful girl in videos, I smile out of nervousness a lot!-

When I smile while I’m singing its a genuine emotion, but when I talk I tend to do this smiling thing because I have this innate need…. to be liked! (which I’m working on) and when you’re a baby your brain registers smiles as acceptance and joy and so I find myself smiling till it hurts my face and my insides sometimes, especially in new interactions. I have been working on this very hard because actually not smiling is so great too! It relaxes me.

So in photos, feeling relatively relaxed, my face doesn’t take to smiling cause I don’t feel the need to please the person behind the lens. I am working hard on applying this to the rest of my life. It’s all about balance I guess.


  • Question: Daniela, where are the youtube videos?
  • Answer: I’m working real hard on figuring out how to express myself through original music. –

After the Shore EP and the four music videos, I became completely hooked to the tedious and passionate process of seeing an original idea come to life.


It was always a desire inside of me, but I understand it more fully now. While I’ll still post youtube videos, I am veering away from covers because I feel I owe it to my sack of bones to listen to whatever it is this current phase in my life is trying to express.

I am the most happy I have been with my relationship to music and to myself than I have in a long while. <3

That being said, I have a good bunch of new music I’ve written that I’ve begun to start production on. So there WILL be more youtube content.

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