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Daily Appreciate The Big and Little Things

There are the big things that bring a great amount of excitement and appreciation to our lives. Think about it, how often do the big events happen? The kind of events that bring great, great joy! This is why they are “big” right? The happy endorphins produced through the brain’s pituitary gland goes off the scale!

Still, life is not meant to run none stop without having time to reflect on past, present and future projects. Who wouldn’t say they aren’t “busy” today? “Busy” doing what? People will agree most are daily engaged in what is a priority for them.” A high number of the population falls into one or both of these categories.

· Busy making a living

· Busy looking for big recreation

Is life meant to be so much more? Is there room to add more items for enjoying life into our daily routine?

Take a moment of pause now to read this poem. By Author James L.

Penmanship Image by Lauren F. (Year 16)

The Need for Little Things

It is often gracious to do the little things.

Without them, people will miss out the joy they bring.

A simple greeting with a smile.

It lets the person know you are worth their while.

Running errands for people to show you care.

As days go by, they will remember you were there.

What would life be like without the little things?

It just seems like we wouldn’t notice any blessings.

Many little things turn into a big gesture.

For friendships, it turns into love of a warm vesture.

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