CTV News Enjoyed Kina Grannis and KHS Cheap Thrills Music Cover!

CTV News Enjoyed Kina Grannis and KHS ‘Cheap Thrills’ Music Cover!

Before you view the “Cheap Thrills” music cover video with the extraordinary singing of Kina Grannis and the ingenuity of the producer KHS, keep this interview of the CTV News (Canada) Channel in mind.

CTV News Channel Interview with Kina Grannis & Kurt Schneider

See this informative CTV (Canada) News Facebook video to find out the inspiration on making videos like “Cheap Thrills.” They are showing a good eye and ears for what is exciting in today’s music culture by interviewing Kurt Schneider and Kina Grannis! CTV News:

Cheap Thrills – Sia (Cover by Kina Grannis & KHS)


Kina Grannis Says “Hi!”

Kina Grannis: “I know this cover came out a few weeks ago on Kurt’s channel, but I love it so much and wanted to make sure any of you that missed it over there still had a chance to check it out! Had so much fun (as always) working with Kurt, and turns out I REALLY like singing and riding a bike at the same time.”

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