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Costa Crociere and Shakira in Feeling Happiness

Costa Crociere and Shakira in feeling Happiness

The ultimate getaway! Do you have a picture in mind a fabulous vacation spot that would help you to enjoy yourself thoroughly? Think about the food, the fun, excursions, and relaxation.

Shakira has a clear picture in mind of her ultimate break from the hustling activities in life that bring moments of happiness and tranquility to her. Some of these events involve Costa Cruceros!

And here are the happy reasons why in Shakira’s own words. This Costa Cruceros highlight of Shakira is called: Benvenuti alla Felicita 2 (Welcome to Happiness)  English subtitles in Social Media video post https://twitter.com/shakira/status/945615136999596032

Are you ready for Costa Cruceros?- Costa Crociere and Shakira

Did you enjoy the Costa Cruceros presentation of Shakira expressing herself on what happiness is to her? Are you ready for a cruise?

Oh wow, cruises rank high on this writer’s list as one of the best vacations a person(family) can enjoy with plenty of events, food or rest, and reading (yes, for the book nerds, chuckle) by the ocean patio late nights or early mornings. It all depends on your personality and what you (two) like to do. What makes you happy?

Here is the website for you to look at the different packages and beautiful excursions.


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Enjoying and Sharing Happiness

Shakira Shakira – Costa Crociere and Shakira

In the same line of thought on scenic views and happiness, which is Shakira’s 2018 world tour, You can read more about this here: Shakira and El Dorado

Hope you gained value in the Costa Crociere and Shakira in feeling Happiness information. Hope you have a jovial Day!

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