Communicate in ways that Resolves Drama

Are these statements familiar?

1) When are we going to fix this?

2) Did you know about this bit of information?

3) I’m not sure what you are telling me, come again?

In the statements above, we observe they end with a question mark. Maybe you have asked similar questions of your family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, public servant figures, and even strangers.

In referencing culture often at this website, an integral part of the definition includes, “That which is excellent in the arts, manners,…”

So it stands to reason when we ask anyone in our presence a question, the majority of the time we get a vocal response back. Writing someone a response is also an appropriate (mannerly) form of communication. We write/type all the time through letters, Social Media, and e-mail. How many people in a week do I correspond with?

This brings up the next point, where we should reference again that people talk to “family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, public figures, and even strangers” via The internet. Of course, when it comes to strangers, then it may not always be a priority to respond to ones you don’t or care to know.

It is, what it is, and this is understandable and sometimes necessary.

But what of our family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and public servant figures? Granted these different ones will have their respective roles and priorities in our lives, but do we treat communications with them in a proper (mannerly) way?

For example, what would you say to a waiter who ignores your requests?

Even with your jovial smiling personality, Your response, “Well, I never!”

How about this one? A respected “Spiritual Guru” as some of you call it, ignores your questions about spirituality?

Even with your normal beautiful thoughts about oceans and beaches, Your response may well be, “How rude!” Or “How inconsiderate!”

* Note, I recently read of an experience in a nonfiction book where a person went for spiritual help but went away in disappointment.

From the subject matter above, you most likely could think of even more picture-perfect examples in this case!

So what is the message of this article? In observation and experience, people can save themselves a lot of time and drama, if they just communicate in the appropriate manner. These include clear vocalized or written means. (Tongue-in-cheek, unless the person enjoys Drama?) Yes, Mature and Sound individuals know this to be the case.

This article is to encourage all who respects the people in their lives to continue treating them with dignity and respect. From the least, to the upper priority ones, deal with them in the way you like to be treated with clear communication. What happens without it? It is like a person trying to climb out of a cold hole, but they cannot grab the waving back and forth rope due to the person at the safe top not holding the rope steady.

Yes, good communication will not only steer the relationship away from misunderstandings; it will also promote an even stronger bond of trust.

Your minister, J.

Don’t we all want?…

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