Do you know what is the difference between commentary vs journalism?

This article was originally posted on May 27, 2019

Commentary vs Journalism What is the Difference?
Well Perceptive Readers, here are some answers.

Journalism reports on events with the focus on providing information and facts.

For example, when are the farmers bringing their crops to the market? When a journalist decides to report on the farmer(s) life in a geographic location, like the positive and hardships they experience; people expect facts. This does not mean such reports are without the journalist personality; yet, they need to be experienced with discernment on when to express a lively personification of events and when to stick with a professional and clear tone on the report.

For example, to use farmers again, which of these two events could a journalist let his or her hair down; so to speak?

◆ What are the crops from the bountiful harvest can we expect this year?

◆ The storm caused how much damage to the area?

Here is a thought to consider. Which event caused you to feel happy inside? Well, as long as you get the dates, calculations, and times correct, then your verbal and writing style will most likely show on the camera and paper. Did you pick the first scenario in the list above to let down your hair on reporting?

Commentary is reporting on an event or situation with some sort of opinion expressed as to why this happened and whether the person writing the report agrees with the situation.

For years, (back in the day) people have watched news programs to get the facts of what was happening in their area and around the world wanting the facts placed front and center. Then, for some news programs, they had a segment during the show where there was a person given some time to comment on a news making topic through a monologue. Andrew Aitken Rooney was famous for his commentary.

Here is the important factor. The television audience knew exactly what they were getting. A satirical opinionated view of the facts. In some cases, he was out there, much to the bellyaching response of the audience! However, people were aware, this was the time to take Andy Rooney’s segment as tongue-in-cheek.
The Take Away

There is a time for everything. In the spirit of this article, it is being pointed out there is a time to be serious with the facts of journalism, and a time for tongue-in-cheek commentary.

Make sure your audience knows the difference. So when you want to report on “Why did the chicken cross the road?” People viewing your report will already know, “We are in the commentary segment of this report.” Yes; “I may have to take somethings in this report with a grain of salt,” as the expression goes.
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