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Come To Life With Love A Marie Digby Commentary

Readers are you ready to Come To Life today?

Come To Life A Marie Digby Song Commentary

What is Love?

In your opinion, what is love?
Are you sitting back in your chair with a cup of tea to engage your mind’s universal storage for the answer?

By your deep consideration on the subject of love, it shows you may already grasp or desire to know it. If you lost it, and I say this respectfully, you can find it again.

Facets of Love

There are different facets and actions of love, but the one that seems to make people the happiest is the deep or infinite emotion (feeling) side of love which, let’s face it, is often a stronger motivator than doing something for someone simply because it is a good thing to do — what do you think?

Marie Digby What is Love?

If you ask Marie Digby, of East Asian and mixed descent, what is love, she will answer you from the infinite deep facet of matters that forms the connection in the way of a man and woman. She will not just tell you about it, but share her thoughts (feelings) on it through song and sometimes dance.
As my Grandmother might have exclaimed during summer cookouts: “ Get down Marie, get down!”

I digress, where were we?

Come To Life By Bringing Love Back

Are you ready to hear why the Product of Culture website considers Marie to be a classic?

 Marie Digby “Come to Life with Lyrics”

Love Lights The Way 

Marie’s music helps couples to look at each other and say, “This is why I’m with you.”
If the couple has experienced hardship, then Marie’s melodious beats and singing helps them to see how they can reconcile.
“I loved you then, and I love you now”
With such honest expressions in their private candlelight dinner between the two who are truly one, these hearts find comfort, support, and love renewed.

As far as the newlyweds go, oh my, you are making sweet music each day as the rose forever grows in you hearts.

Come To Life With Love A Marie Digby Commentary

Love Renewed 

Love Renewed
Your Love is a Renewing Force that will always be appreciated.
Your Love is the Rain that quenched the desert that was once my heart.
Time in the Paradise that went barren, now time in the barren became an Exquisite Tropical Land to last forever.
What is the Foundation?
Your ever Renewing Love
Happy Wedding Day and Anniversary! – J.L.

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