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Greetings Perceptive Readers in the Coffee Lounge! Though this is the coffee lounge; you are welcome to drink any beverage of choice while enjoying the features here. Have a thoughtful stay.

Featured Coffee Pick Display By: Spiked Coffee with Bailey’s and Kahlua

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Coffee Lounge & More Mind Discussions

The Thinking Minds Section has been moved here. Enjoy!

Week March 23 – G’day The POCBOOKS App is being redesigned. I leaving the first version in the Google play store Keep in mind the features are not activated at this time. Stay tuned I will let you know when the new version is ready in the future.

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Week Nov 25 – New POCBOOKS/Perceptive Readers App on Google Play

Week Nov 15 – Have people around you who take the clear initiative to help you. You will find your best friends in or out of that group. – James L. Read/Share Here

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