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Coffee Lounge Area

Welcome to the Presentation of the Baristas Coffee Lounge Poetry – Sages Poetic Notes

Welcome to this coffee lounge
You will find the best baristas and drinks in town

Are you here by yourself or desire a conversation with two or three
There is a cozy place by the fireplace where all the witty and chattering people be

Featured Coffee Pick Display By:

From the Dawn of Time…

Men have used their mental and physical prowess to cultivate land. Your intellect grew along with feats of strength.
As a compliment, side by side with man’s greatness was equally one named woman, whose family line and nations would also be birth.

Shakira’s Dance Midnight Fragrance…

‘The One of Kind Fragrance for The Sages Woman– Dance Midnight’

Great as a gift anytime to the woman who stimulates your Whole Mind.

Coffee Lounge & More Mind Discussions

Love Does Not Look For Loopholes to Hurt You. – Sage Poetry James Lynch

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