Chef Melissa King Delicacies of Imagination

Chef Melissa King Delicacies of Imagination

Chef Melissa King Delicacies of Imagination. Chef Melissa King food recipes and entrees menu look so tasty that I sometimes become famished when viewing her photographs of the plates on Social Media! Do you think I’m kidding?  Can you picture “mouthwatering” meals? There have been times when I checked the Twitter stream while writing an article, and this scrumptious plate of food appears before my eyes from you know who; Melissa King! No person with a stomach and palate for delicacy can go back to work without an extended pause after seeing the exquisite creations of Chef Melissa King.

The experience of going to a fine restaurant and realizing the food you are eating makes you dream about eating one of Melissa King’s imaginative meals is a possibility.

With a lighthearted smile, “It just isn’t fair,” I tell you.

So the purpose of this article is to share with you some of my palate’s dreams through Melissa King’s meals she has shared on Social Media. Do you have any plans for your next vacation, then as chef ambassador for Whole Foods Market, a great idea to place on the itinerary is Melissa King’s kitchen or restaurant.

You: “But I live in Japan.” Well, these photographed meals from Chef King provides an incentive to catch (purchase) red eye flights to her San Francisco location in North America. Otherwise, you may not want to continue reading the rest of this article.


This is your last chance to prepare your eyes and stomach for what you are about to experience in today’s food culture.

Chef Melissa King  Delicacies Status

A) @ChefMelissaKing dishes feature incredible seasonal local ingredients.

B) Smoked trout & fresh home-cured salmon roe.

C) Harvested sea urchins near Bodega Bay

D) Umami caramelized goodness! Try my miso roasted cauliflower exclusively at in all Northern California

Okay, I only gave you a small sample. But you can find out more here at the official website!

Find Recipes, events, videos, contacts and more for this  finalist on the Bravo hit TV series Top Chef

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