Chapter 1 Poetic Expression

  1. Chapter 1 Poetic Expression

Each day I wonder, at least when I was younger, what makes life enjoyable?

It was not necessarily any choices focused on like eating, drinking, and all manner of chocolaty decadence in this world full of tasty desserts.

It was a view of being stationary as the stars, moon, and sun in space, yet they brilliantly shine in their locations. They are always moving along an invisible orbit, but with the human eye in looking up we discern no such movements.

So we have The Arts and Music to offer our minds’ eye with the ability to see their movements with meaning beyond compare. 

Without the Arts and Music what would life be like for you?

 Oh, a place just to make do — at least for the creative mind. If we are all a part of the rhythm of life; then what sound would we make?

What sound are we making now?

The music we create internally produces our quality of life externally. 

He has an optimistic view of life because his heart is energized each day with an uplifting tone. What does this sound like to you? Are you singing affirmations and praises (Good job yesterday, I like me, I do my best each day, etc…) that produces a melodious sound in your heart?

The Sage Poetic says you drink such affirmations with chocolaty coffee and your music will jump start the heart, mind, and spirit for the day; as you give a good morning upon everyone you meet & greet. (As a student of the Universal Grand One, I Pause)

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