Social Sharing Thursday Pick Joel Clemons

Hi Perceptive Readers, This is a Restore from last year. Do you remember Joel Clemons Instagram?

November 6, 2019
Social Media Sharing Thursday Pick

Dear Perceptive Readers, welcome to Social Media Sharing Pick Thursday.
We need to be frank high-schoolers.Did you just say, “I only need to be me, and who is Frank anyway?”
You know what, we are going to have you open for Sinbad, you keep that up.

Now where were the rest of us? Ah, being frank about social media.
This is going to be short and sweet.

Now where were the rest of us? Ah, being frank about social media.
This is going to be short and sweet.

Social Media has always been designed for sharing — so share.

When the articles and events have a hyperlink with a featured image; that is supposed to be shared as well. What company, musician, singers, doctors, entrepreneurs, and models do not want to see their brand shared? Let’s place impetus on for years since the beginning, this is what technology and Social Media Sharing has been all about sharing and still is with online chats from time to time! It is used for customer service as well! What a great use of technology!

Yes untold numbers use it as designed above.
If you like (appreciate) it, then share it.If the image appears with the link you share, then this all a part of the article title and link presentation.
If a company does not want you to share their images that automatically appears with the link, then on their websites they can turn such hot linking settings off. IMHO with a picture saying a thousand words, you will lose marketing value by doing that though.
Meanwhile, welcome to Social Media Sharing Thursday Pick. Place this in your notification calendars! This feature will run through November and December!

Instagram Sharing Joel Clemons

“One of the biggest problems in relationships that will create unhappiness is the feeling of entitlement and ownership. A healthy relationship is based on cooperation, commitment, trust, equality and fairness; it’s about choosing each other as partners and being in service to the other, not demanding service.”

Baristas Coffee Lounge Poetry

This is called the Baristas Coffee Lounge Poetry Here are the reasons you can keep informed as well.
Even though you will also see Baristas Coffee Lounge Poetry categorized as Sages Poetry; the poem can actually be personalized for your Baristas and Coffee Brand Business. Your company’s name will be placed front and center in the Welcome to [ Company name ]

Enjoy the Poem:

Welcome to this coffee lounge
You will find the best baristas and drinks in town

Are you here by yourself or desire a conversation with two or three
There is a cozy place by the fireplace where all the witty and chattering people be

Did you know in the evening from 7pm to 9pm or longer the weavers of poetry and song enthrall us thoughts profound

Happy hour you maybe wondering
Well be assured it is the same 7pm to 9pm and when the audience is feeling really good it may switch to 10 minutes longer

Happy is this place to be the coffee lounge where people of all experiences and Sages happen to be
Baristas Coffee Lounge Poetry
Baristas Coffee Lounge Poetry

You will note there are only 5 stanzas, but whatever special features you desire to have highlighted for your company, they can be weaved into this poem. Learn more about the selection of Baristas Coffee Lounge Poetry and videos by sending us an e-mail or go right coffee lounge commenting and contact section right here:

Best Wishes, J. Lynch Author and Podcaster


Daniela Ponders Authenticity Restored

Daniela Andrade Ponders Life and Authenticity in her journal.

This article was originally published Jan 9, 2017

For the most part, when it comes to the featured musicians on the Product of Culture website, you will so appreciate their skill in song but also their expressive journals.

Take Daniela Andrade for example; she is one human that fans around the world have come to appreciate her music, and they adore her for humanitarian efforts. Then you also have a group of people who not only love her for the accomplishments mentioned in the latter sentence but also her beyond the surface expressions of her person. Several times a year Daniela often share thoughts with us from her journal that may have you pondering for days the beautiful tapestry she wove for you.

Even with some of the sobering or sad interlacing that is involved with the completed work, the overall journal is still beautiful. Why? It is authentic. People are who they are. And there can be one kind of positive experience that affects ten different people in ten different ways. The same also goes for negative experiences. Some people may bounce back immediately while others need more time to meditate, pray, etc., to work it out.

Along With the above statements, The Product of Culture (Perceptive Readers) website is featuring the beginning excerpt from Daniela Andrade’s journal article “Pixel Puppeteer.” The whole journal is also embedded here so you can quickly access and follow her journal.

Daniela Andrade Ponders Life and Authenticity in “Pixel Puppeteer”

Pixel Puppeteer By Daniela Andrade

“I hesitated on writing a post for the new year for a little while but Tumblr is one of my earliest memories of internet expression and this very same emotion–this hesitation to post/share is closely linked to what I’m going to try to touch on.

Two years ago I packed what belongings I held dear and moved alone to the east coast on a whim. I’m impulsive, I react like a flame when something fuels me. I have learned it is my virtue and demise depending on the situation. When it comes to deciding to uproot and go from what I knew to what I scarcely did, I can confidently say in retrospect it was one of the most courageous things I’ve executed. Little did I know I would be faced with questions I had only skimmed in depraved pacing through the “self-help” aisle at a local bookstore during my teenage years. Things like how to address fear and consciousness. My brain saved these concepts into a ‘figure out later’ folder and I followed my nose to prickly rose bush on instinct… See Section 2 embedded article”

Daniela Andrade Ponders Life and Authenticity in her journal. 2

If you appreciate “Daniela Andrade Ponders Life and Authenticity” feel free to share it with someone else who will too.
Perceptive Readers 2.0 Episode 6 features a Sing Movie Review and
Songstress Daniela Andrade Ponders Life


Disagreements and Agreements Resolved Over Coffee

Disagreements and Agreements. When someone has already shown they forgiven you of something serious, then would you still be afraid to take the first or next step in talking to the person who forgave you?
The world today is teaching people not to talk one-on-one at all anymore. This incorrect method of handling disagreements between two people have many thinking, maybe even you, that there always needs to be a group of other personalities involved to solve your non-violent disagreements. Disagreements that are common to men and women.

For example, you may have received a gift that another friend or person wanted, now you notice that same person barely talks to you.

Do you have to call another person or group in to resolve it before having a clear conversation with that person? Letter writing works at times as well if you are not able to talk with the person. If you choose letter writing, it is helpful to do it in a “friendly letter” spirit. I talked about it here for some ideas.
Have you thought about this?

Friendly Letter Writing For You

Perceptive Readers Episode

Disagreements and Agreements Resolved Over Coffee
Beginning in a light-hearted Way

As you are aware, with all sorts of people and thinking on this earth, there are misunderstandings that arise daily. Some are serious, while others just pertain in finding the best way to implement an idea or course of action. However, at times, you encounter individuals who are quite new to making choices for him or herself, and its seems they need feedback for everything. And I do mean everything. When this happens they do not always touch base with you first, but will quickly run to share it with others. (Mathew 5:23-24) And this has happened quite a bit, the more people who are involved (with agendas) the more they make matters worse between you and your (close) friend or entrepreneur associate. #experience #fact

I’ve always appreciated reading about what an abundantly wise man stated here: Good Book aka Holy Bible Mathew 5:23-24. No matter what misunderstanding and problems in life you encounter with someone you consider a brother, friend, and in principle, a networked professional; it is best to resolve the matter between you two first. By clear communication, as if you are providing clear insight into your heart’s motive, because you are; you often will be able to work out the rough spots in the relationship. There may be moments when friction arrives again, but if you get into the practice now, you find overtime that you two have a respectful understanding of each other. Just think one-to-one conversation of this nature often are resolved with less time it takes to drink a cup of coffee if needed. OKAY two cups of coffee; just because!


Practical Jokes You May Know

The Last Straw and Practical Jokes

Practical Jokes

Looking up practical joke online thefreedictionary states the definition:

A mischievous trick played on a person, especially one that causes the victim to experience embarrassment, indignity, or discomfort.
A prank or trick usually intended to make the victim appear foolish.
A playful trick, often involving some physical agent or means, in which the victim is placed in an embarrassing or disadvantageous position.

Depending on what types of antics he or she carries out to get a laugh, they can make one person laugh and the other cry.
Today, it is necessary to be aware that depending on what an individual has been through in life may cause them to not like practical jokes.

Why not try to respect a person’s feelings in this matter? You just never know what a person is going through. You heard of the saying, “The straw that broke the camel’s back.” The camel can comfortably carry 20 to 25 % of its weight. Though they can carry heavy loads, (beast of burden) there is a point where the camel won’t be able to stand any longer until some of that load is taken off or something goes snap!

Who would want to be that last straw that hurts a person to his or her core where they would be hard-pressed not to break, figurative speaking, and allow all their temper out; allow all their emotions out?

Practical Jokes Conclusion

In some school club association of thinking, figuring out the difference between a light-hearted joke and a practical joke falls on the effect it would have on the receiver.

Light-hearted (fun) jokes allow for everyone to laugh together, including the receiver.

Practical- (Negative and sometimes dangerous) jokes can result in the person on the receiving end of the joke being adversely affected. Too, the crowd laughs at him or her; not with them. Inasmuch, someone really can get hurt emotionally, if not physically.

NOTE: This article on practical jokes came from one of the “TODAY’S INTROSPECTION” posts. It is best to check this section of the website at least once a day.


Welcome Students in January 2020

Welcome students in January 2020
This Article was repaired or refurbished on March 12, 2020
Teachers and students welcome to January! How are you feeling today?
This month is often the start of something new or renewal for many people.
It is the beginning of a calendar year. During this time seniors realize, “I’m going to be graduating before I know it.”
Teachers contemplate a well deserved vacation. “Is this the time I talk about and plan a cruise? (chuckle)
Whatever you are giving serious consideration to this day, a word or statement to the wise, “Keep doing the best you can.”Do the best you can with strength.With knowledge.
Do the best you can with integrity which involves self love and the ability to instruct and discipline yourself.Do the best you can with honor which is love that is also given outside ourselves to others.Keep doing the best you can in all wonderful matters, and wonderful gems will return to you in the straits of timeBest wishes, the Product of Culture Website and it’s author!
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Lisa Lavie The Billboard Charts

Lisa Lavie The Billboard Charts

Lisa Lavie Arrives on The Billboard Charts with Sophomore Album!

This Article was repaired or refurbished on March 1, 2020. It was originally posted on April 2, 2017 Check the site for verification of online presence.

The following similar expressions of music experience have been made by me and many others about Lisa Lavie:

“When someone describes their work as a labor of love, they often display passion throughout the process and not just the work project’s result. People who gain a benefit from the workman/workwoman efforts will nod, “An excellent job, indeed!”
The aforementioned is the way audiences around the globe will feel about Lisa Lavie’s sophomore album! Lisa is a native of Montreal, Canada. I could write about Lisa’s YouTube stardom and many collaborations with other YouTube artists. I could also write about her tours with Yanni and globally-renowned orchestras.”
R & B Album Sales – Lisa Lavie Arrives on The Billboard Charts

Take a look now at what the Billboard Charts shows about Lisa’s music to the ears of listeners.

“Lisa Lavie: ‘My album has debuted at #25 on the Billboard charts after only 3 days of sales!… I’m blown away! Thank you for spreading the word about my music & for sharing the link to my ALBUM on your social media pages. YOU are the ones making this possible for me!!! I never expected my album to chart on billboard and now that it has, I see the possibilities & It’s given me a renewed sense of motivation and determination. I’m more inspired and focused than ever before & I’m pumped to try & get back on the charts next week. I would LOVE your help in getting there…..
If you haven’t checked out my album yet, please (CLICK HERE) & you’ll be able to hear pieces of all of my songs. You can also get a physical copy here —> (CLICK HERE) ‘
Lisa Lavie is ecstatic! Look at All the Signed CDs!”

Lisa is grateful for all the support and best wishes. Just look how many CD’s she signed below for fans who were able to show their appreciation for Lisa’s musical project through Kickstarter. (You either have to be very happy, or on your 5th cup of coffee!) Lisa strives to do positive things evey day along with a healthy diet, so we know she doesn’t really need coffee (More for me).

Here are more thoughts from Lisa on sending out these items with gratitude:

“Yesterday I went to the CD manufacturer & I signed all of the CD’s! They are now ready to be shipped out alongside the hoodies! I’ve been waiting so long for this weekend to arrive! :)) Today & tomorrow I’ll be packing up a couple thousand packages and then I’ll be heading to the post office to ship everything off to you first thing Monday morning. I can’t wait!!! I do have a few signed copies left, if you’re interested in getting a CD from the first batch.”

QUESTION: There are 2000 Cd’s on this table… How long do you think it took me to sign all of them? Please head over to this post on facebook & leave your answer there. I will ship off a CD to the person who comes closest

Lisa Lavie Arrives on The Billboard Charts – 2000 Signed CDs
Lisa Lavie Arrives on The Billboard Charts with Sophomore Album – What are You Waiting For?

I’ve been patiently waiting for the time to make this statement about Lisa Lavie’s sophomore album! “What are you waiting for?” If you enjoy music, there is a song on this album that will attract you to Lisa’s voice for now and in the future. Do your ears and heart a favor; don’t wait another moment to at least sample her music!


Mentor Students in Honesty Best Policy

Mentor Students in Honesty is the Best Policy

Hi Mentors and Perceptive readers to these thoughts on honesty is the best policy.

Perceptive Readers Podcast Ebook

This Article was repaired or refurbished on February Mar 2, 2020. It was originally posted on Sept 5, 2019 Check the site for verification of online presence.

Honesty is the Best Policy

How would you answer on the value of honesty? Is it the best way to be?

The above question is:

A) Fact

B) False

Right or wrong?

In the BusinessDictionary it references honesty inclusion for ethical behavior. It states:

Acting in ways consistent with what society and individuals typically think are good values.

Ethical behavior tends to be good for business and involves demonstrating respect for key moral principles that include honesty, fairness, equality, dignity, diversity and individual rights.

Business Dictionary

Do you get the understanding that what you see is what you get ? Or at the very least be Truthful

So when you introduce yourself by name to this new person, it is expected that not only are you giving the correct name, but honesty is certainly involved with the name and actions; and will continue to do so.

Society needs and expects honesty and dignity in everyday interactions.

Well then, already, at the start of this school year, mentors and teachers have classes of these bright minds still considered in their early stage of life’s understanding. Will YOU impress upon your listeners how honesty is the best policy?

Yes, even when it comes to homework; please stop blaming sweet Fido (dog family member) for eating it. If Fido is eating it, then can you move work assignments to higher ground?

At the very least, continue to impress upon these minds, “If you have a question, then please by all means ASK.”

Yes, mentors and teachers have a way of instructing their students through their joy of the subject to become involved during a question and answer session.

For example, some teachers in a thirty-minute teaching session may teach for ten minutes and answer questions for five minutes. Then they may have another five or ten minutes for paperwork exercises. Some students (most likely) may have a few questions afterwards.

The above is by no means set in stone on how to teach.

The purpose of this article is to share the importance of your mentoring routine in allowing and in some cases encourage honest questions. Some students may experience timidity at first.

In conclusion, how would you rate your environment for bringing out the best in your students? With an assessment and observation of the questions you are receiving, then your classroom policies will improve its conduciveness for drawing out honest responses from your students.

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Mentor Students in Honesty is the Best Policy