Linux and the Internet

From the archives of August 3, 2014 Linux the Unrecognized Backbone of the Internet

Linux is the unseen backbone of the Internet

This is one of those posts to inform the younger generation that Linux really does run everything. I was actually thinking the other day about the differences between Windows and Linux. The RAM\Memory differences are a point of note for one. Linux runs Supercomputers, social networking sites, TVs, and phones all with a smaller percentage of RAM it takes for a full equipped Windows Server. This post is not to bash Microsoft Windows at all, I’m far too grateful for one of their server capabilities over the years to do that.

This post is just to show the necessity of being familiar with Linux all the same. You see, Linux is the factory of the Internet, while Windows allows us to look inside and make requests of the factory, so to speak. Just kidding, you are aware Windows does more than that. However, in the instance of phones, the number of Linux type OS phones will exponentially approach a billion. By the end of this post, they probably have.

Either way, here is a list of terms you want to become familiar with as you seek out to learn Linux.

Kernel | Command line

X Windows system | Desktop environment


As you go through the steps to learn what each component is for, it gives you the ability to configure and create a Linux stable environment.

If you are one the individuals that started with Linux first, you know these things, but have you ever viewed the operating system in these components above. Experienced Linux user, most likely; younger ones, maybe not.

As you gathered from the title, Linux the Unrecognized Backbone of the Internet; it is titled as such because often people do not know just how many systems Linux is powering on the Internet.  The OS is free, it’s quiet, but make no mistake about it, it is powerful tool.

Hope this helps in some way.


The Brave Browser Review and Benefits

The Brave Browser Review and Benefits This is from the archives, enjoy!
The Brave Browser review is a technology tool many have found value in using today.

Thiojoe explains the incentives for professional website owners and Youtube Content Creators as well.

“We’re giving people a warm welcome and putting some change in their pockets,”– Company Chief Executive Brendan Eich, who previously co-founded and led the Mozilla Firefox browser.

The Brave Browser Review and Benefits – Featuring Thio Joe

Thio joe: The “Brave” web browser is a new browser based on Chromium (just like Google Chrome), that promises an alternative to the current ad system on the internet. Instead of displaying ads to generate revenue for websites, users can contribute to a wallet which is then distributed proportionally to websites they visit. They can contribute as much or as little as they want, even zero. The browser also blocks scripts and ads, making it safer and easier to browse the web in the first place. They also give away free cryptocurrency tokens, or “Basic Attention Tokens” every once in a while.

This Web Browser Will Literally Change the Internet

If the Brave Browser Review has helped you in some way, be sure to help out a friend with this information.

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Reference Read more:

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The pocbooks app

Important Notice: A) This was originally posted December 23, 2019.

B) The app, which was costing me quite a bit a money was not showing the correct analytics of downloads. And may have been interfered with as well. Hence, after several months I discontinued it in the App stores during the first quarter of 2020.

C) At this point and time there is no Official or Perceptive Readers App.

D) If this change, I will notify you.

Here is the Original announcement: originally posted December 23, 2019.

Perceptive Readers, it is my pleasure to introduce the free POCBOOKS App Google Play Store Link!

This app was released in November of 2019! How are you liking it so far? Give it a rating when you get the chance!

POCBOOKS App on Google Play

What are the features of the free pocbooks app?

This super app has everything you have grown accustomed to in reading and services.
You have the Product of Culture Articles Creation features and podcasts locations.

There is more excitement to come!

You dear readers have more entailed for you through the use of the app. I will notify you of any major changes that will come to the app in the future will be noted in the sidebars at the website.

Can Grandma use the app?

Yes, I think Grandma can use the app. If she has been using the pocbooks website all along, then not only grandma, but everyone in your family will have no problem and a minimum learning curve!

The Stores where You can get The Free App

App Stores will be listed here soon. The designated family age range has also been stamped by Google. I like to say Family Fun!

Check content ratings to understand an app’s maturity and set filters based on those ratings to decide what’s right for your child. If you want to know whether an app contains ads, in-app purchases, or requires device permissions, you can check the additional information section on the app’s store page.

– Google Play

Thank you for caring and sharing – James Lynch Jr. (Author and Owner)


MicroStrategy HyperIntelligence in your Enterprise

This is a MicroStrategy featured software 2019. This article was originally posted in January 2019.
MicroStrategy 2019 HyperIntelligence in Enterprise Analytics

The MicroStrategy team of professionals with their state of the software have made it their mission, if you will, to help you understand all your resource data results. What is working, and the catalyst of why it works, so you can continue to do more of what is making your business a success.

You will find of interest that all the features and functionality in this programs’s purpose is to make analytics usage simpler to use in most work environments. You will see what I mean in their video topic: Introducing MicroStrategy HyperIntelligence.
Make this important assessment of your organization.

They state: “Up until now, only about 30% of any given organization has access to the information it needs to make important decisions.”
You may come to the conclusion your office ’s percentage is even higher. And what a dilemma would cause over time! Imagine telling a company or client you have not accomplished a designated important threshold for a task to be complete; and you actual have completed the assignment with a few percent over the request. All because you did not have the functionality in place to streamline your process and data collection in place to give you a report so easy to read, someone new to your organization can be brought up to speed faster than before in their training and orientation.

Like they state: That’s all about to change.
Introducing MicroStrategy HyperIntelligence

This video answers questions and provides examples in this software’s 2019 HyperIntelligence benefits for your Enterprise Analytics.

MicroStrategy 2019 HyperIntelligence


Samepage Productivity and Privacy Distinction

Dear Readers, hope this Samepage productivity article will help you today.

This article was originally posted on January 19, 2019
Samepage Productivity and Privacy Distinction

Imagine having a professional team of stupendous talents and great ideas! Yet, not being able to get everyone together to capitalize on these great; no, these awesome ideas. You have searched online collaboration tools before, but after a recommendation from a trusted source, you put in place Samepage for your working process, and the whole team smiles with ‘Eureka!’ “We are all on the same page.”

With this software you and your professional team have these abilities:

TEAMS: secure spaces for collaborating with specific groups of people both inside and outside your organization
PAGES: real-time co-authored documents that contain text, files, images, videos, diagrams, spreadsheets, conversations and more
TASKS: assignable and customizable to fit your recurrence, deadline, and progress-reporting needs
COMMUNICATION: chat with teams via text, emojis, quotes, and attachments, or create unlimited simultaneous group video calls 
FILE SHARING: share and edit files online or synchronize them to your computer
CALENDARS: see team events and task deadlines in calendar view. Optionally sync them to your Mac or iOS calendar
NOTIFICATIONS: Get notified of new comments, approaching deadlines, and other updates
SEARCH: Search content on Samepage for keywords, files, and more.

Samepage Third party apps Integration is state of the art

Yes, this software will make you feel it can do it all. From secure backups, to integration with over seven hundred of your productivity and popular software!
This collaboration software is Winner of Capterra’s (Validation you can Trust) ” Most Recommended Project Management Software” award.
Samepage implements security in all seriousness

Samepage is built for team productivity as well as security. They use state-of-the-art Amazon’s AWS. Thus, the network security protocols use HTTPS, SSL, VLAN, and forward secrecy that protects past sessions against future compromises of secret keys or passwords.
Is the Samepage Productivity and Privacy What you are Looking for?

Have you been looking for an app that works on computer and phone devices that will help you to be on the Samepage with talented people around the globe. Remember, you can also have guest permissions as well. Just setup a special presentation area for questions for Uncle Joe, Grandma, and that teenager (who in his/her mind has turned 102) of yours who needs help on that term paper while you are away— hopefully on a well-deserved special anniversary vacation; due to all your productive accomplishments with this collaboration software. Just a thought.

So coordinate your marketing campaigns, run meetings, plan events, organize product development, run customer support departments, and connect offices around the globe.

LANGUAGES available in English, Español, Français, Italiano, Čeština, Deutsch, Português, 中文, 日本語, Русский

With this software you will say, My word, how much I sure appreciate the Samepage Productivity and Privacy Distinction.

Samepage Productivity and Privacy Distinction

– Demo & Tutorial Video


Is 5G Wireless Safe Technology in your Home

Is 5G Wireless Safe Technology in your Home?

You Perceptive Readers will find this 5G Wireless Safe technology an important subject to talk about over coffee. Yes, the following information is to provide thoughts you may or may not have considered at this time.
Is 5G Wireless Safe Technology in your Home?

Think about the children. This is a thought adults keep in mind when it comes to anything, and we of humanity do mean anything that can affect a child adversely. The smallest of us can’t speak for themselves, and so the parents and one’s in positions of trust have a wonderful responsibility to take perfect care of them.

Didn’t that statement just make you feel good inside? It is also a sobering thought as well.
Is 5G wireless safe for children to be around?

The (IoT) Internet of things will continue to take the already billions of connected devices to hundreds of billions with 5G capable devices. That’s if the 5G implementation of telecom and corporate companies go as planned.

The question people are still asking, “Is this powerful technology safe for children?” Is it safe for humans to have our home’s and neighborhoods air space saturated with these waves transmitting in all these (IoT) devices, along with our phones?
A Statement from Frank Clegg on 5G

After viewing the video below by Frank Clegg, I made this statement on my Minds Product of Culture channel to the subscribers:

Me: Take it from someone who was certified in multi-channel communications decades ago. Though I have a deep appreciation for technology, my experience and knowledge gives creditable red flags and great caution with the way they are talking about the implementation of 5G. Like energy plants having to be shielded with alot of safe guards, researchers may find 5G technology is in the same RISK category that requires such (insulation) protections.

Mr, Frank Clegg – Former President of Microsoft Canada
Technologies Mission is to enhance our quality of life.

It aids in building, feeding, and medically advanced healing research as never before. The theme parks and recreational escapees we travel to are the majority of the time provided by the safe usage of technology.

We may find 5G wireless technology is also like driving a race car. Though the vehicle can travel at great speeds, going at those highspeeds is not allowed everywhere for the public’s safety.
We may also find 5G wireless technology a catch twenty- two situation catch 22.

Technology is a wonderful tool. Let us be always aware it is also a powerful tool that should be respected.
Why does something work the way it does?
Do I need special garments (clothing) and training to use such tools?

Becoming knowledgeable for ourselves in the benefits and risk of these technologies will help us to make better decisions. The children of humanity will also thank us for it. These precious minds are worth the necessary research.
My experience, Mr. Frank Clegg words on this 5G technology topic should not be hastily ignored.