Product of Culture Tech Update Now You Know

This is a new weekly tech update report on how Technologies are being used by the Product of Culture website aka

I (James) will talk about social media, market venues like Amazon, Bluehost, and Audible audio books creation, and my experiences with using them over the years.

As I recently had an extended conversation with one technology professional, and I don’t make this claim lightly:

The (Product of Culture tech update) has been singled out since it’s early online presence to be shadow banned along with my phone systems, computers etc. All having corporate episonage methods used against it.

What is corporate espionage?
Companies gather intelligence on their rivals just like nation-states do. Sometimes its legal, but industrial espionage can easily slip over the line into criminality.

After 9 years of this, it was time for you Readers to know this.

For example, see the screenshot of my new Perceptive Readers Podcast.

Notice the shares responses, view, and comments. Yet my stats have not shown one added listen.
The same has been with YouTube (which I’ve stopped trying to resolve) over the years.  So I want to make sure that the same thing does not start happening with, like my rss feeds (not being redirected) are working which I verified in the beginning of this new podcasting service over a week ago.

What am I doing about it?

Here you will see screenshots at times of my findings and the correspondence and phone calls sent to resolve these issues with the tech companies, starting with Bluehost.

Maybe this will help some of you as well.

Sincerely James (author/owner of – Product of Culture Tech Update Now You Know)

Is 5G Wireless Safe Technology in your Home

You Perceptive Readers will find this 5G Wireless Safe technology an important subject to talk about over coffee. Yes, the following information is to provide thoughts you may or may not have considered at this time.

Is 5G Wireless Safe Technology in your Home?

Think about the children. This is a thought adults keep in mind when it comes to anything, and we of humanity do mean anything that can affect a child adversely. The smallest of us can’t speak for themselves, and so the parents and one’s in positions of trust have a wonderful responsibility to take perfect care of them.
Didn’t that statement just make you feel good inside? It is also a sobering thought as well.

Is 5G wireless safe for children to be around?

The (IoT) Internet of things will continue to take the already billions of connected devices to hundreds of billions with 5G capable devices.  That’s if the 5G implementation of telecom and corporate companies go as planned.

The question people are still asking, “Is this powerful technology safe for children?”  Is it safe for humans to have our home’s and neighborhoods air space saturated with these waves transmitting in all these (IoT) devices, along with our phones?

A Statement from Frank Clegg on 5G

After viewing the video below by Frank Clegg, I made this statement on my Minds Product of Culture channel to the subscribers:
Me: Take it from someone who was certified in multi-channel communications decades ago. Though I have a deep appreciation for technology, my experience and knowledge gives creditable red flags and great caution with the way they are talking about the implementation of 5G. Like energy plants having to be shielded with alot of safe guards, researchers may find 5G technology is in the same RISK category that requires such (insulation) protections.
My experience, Mr. Frank Clegg words on this 5G technology topic should not be hastily ignored.

Mr, Frank Clegg – Former President of Microsoft Canada
Technologies Mission is to enhance our quality of life.

It aids in building, feeding, and medically advanced healing research as never before. The theme parks and recreational escapees we travel to are the majority of the time provided by the safe usage of technology.

  • We may find 5G wireless technology is also like driving a race car. Though the vehicle can travel at great speeds, going at those highspeeds is not allowed everywhere for the public’s safety. 
  • We may also find 5G wireless technology a catch twenty- two situation (catch 22).

Technology is a wonderful tool. Let us be always aware it is also a powerful tool that should be respected.
Why does something work the way it does?
Do I need special garments (clothing) and training to use such tools?
Becoming knowledgeable for ourselves in the benefits and risk of these technologies will help us to make better decisions. The children of humanity will also thank us for it. These precious minds are worth the necessary research.

How much does the iPhone 11 cost

Perceptive Readers do you know how much does the iPhone 11 cost? This is the very first year I have given serious consideration to purchasing an iPhone. In times past I have wondered why the price tag for new iPhones are high? The iPhone 11, according to, starts at $699 US dollars.

Why Does the iPhone 11 Cost So Much?

There is a saying, “if you have to ask the price, then you can’t afford it.” Well, let me put that last century statement to rest right now. Whether you have a few dollars in your pocket, or several million, it is always shrewd to count the cost for your projects and the tools you need to be successful. This is one of the reasons I’ve found in watching others with the phone, that it is a phenomenal tool filled with a ton of features— productive features I need to add.

Some of iPhone 11 Features

Out of the tons of features for the iPhone 11 I could share with you, here listed are a few for the power entrepreneurs. But I am adding in the neat family features that are most used today as well:

  • Wifi 6 capability
  • Recording in 4K video
  • Colors selection of choice: White, Black, Green, Yellow, Purple, and Red
  • Storage capacity: 64GB, 128GB, and 256.
  • Ultra-wide lenses with zooming and cropping after the photo snap.
  • iPhone Pro and Pro Max retail from $999 to 1,099 with upgrade options

iPhone 11 released date
The release date for this technological advanced phone was Sept 20, 2019. Just look how happy smiling Shirley Setia is with her new iPhone 11!

Shirley Setia with iPhone11Pro

The Concluding Thoughts

The software apps people use on these phones are fun and productive all the same. Being an Android user for years, I’ve grown accustomed with the ease of use of the apps I have installed. There will be a learning curve if I make the transition to the new iPhone. Are you one of those power users that hold off buying a phone until you have a few days of blocked out time to figure out how to use all the features and most importantly the necessary apps?
When you change to a completely different phone operating system, you have to figure out first what apps are not available in the new phone os and what will be compatible in its place.

Make sure you make backups of everything.

So do we have a decision to make this year? Hopefully this information on the iPhone 11 will help.

Sharing is Caring in Social Media

Sharing is caring, and Reminding is Caring.

These thoughts are applicable in most forms of marketing and providing authentic interest for your audience and customers. Also,  the effect is they feel valued; and is there really anything wrong with that?

In the elevated form of thinking, it is a form of dignifying a person (human).

Caring is Sharing in Social Media

Greetings, I am sharing different content with the POCBOOKS.COM sharing is caring month of August.

I share more content produced by different people and brands more than I share of my own. This is actually how #socialmedia users leveraged sharing tools since the beginning and thru the prosperous (social media sharing) years of using these tools. – Did you know this?

The principle is ” You looked out and shared the products and interests of others more than your own.” – Did you know this?

Rule of thumb – share what you authentically can appreciate. Art, How-To, Products, Talent, and interest of that person, brand or organization.

The Product of Culture Group on is where most of my shares will happen. I am the sole moderator of this group, you cab read more in the description about it. Check it out

If you share or remind any of my content from feel free to let me know, I will be sure to thank you this month!

Have a wonderful August in your heart and mind. – Kind regards, James

*Note the above information will resonate more with entreprenuers, mothers, fathers, and everyday consumers and internet users for recreation. Big names and established brands often have to use other methods of scrutinizing and sharing content.

Reminding is caring. Sharing is Caring #sharingiscaring

WordPress How To and Fixes

Hello Perceptive Readers with websites built with the WordPress content management platform. This topic addresses WordPress How To and Fixes.

There are quite a few specialists knowing the thousands of ways WordPress can function when things are going right; and the uncountable ways things can go wrong. Which we really don’t want to talk about, but have to at times.
And yet, it is such a good content management system all the same.

It is also great to have help in the troubleshooting problems area. This is why out of necessity I have created the:

“Wordpress How To and Fixes”

This Group is located in the MINDS.COM social media and news site. Below are the details to this group, and feel free to contribute questions and answers. You gurus will certainly be helping us entrepreneurs, professionals and grandmas with sharing your Information Technology experience.

A WordPress Tutorial How – To and Fixes Group

Welcome to the this technical fixes Group.
This group is solely for common WordPress problems and fixes.

You can place written description of problems in hopes of getting answers

You can place How-to Tutorials on WordPress as well

It is my desire this group will provide the help many of us need to keep our professional and personal websites in optimal working order; do you agree? After several postings to this group, I have found my knowledge as increased a substantial amount! If you are more than a novice, it real also remind you of techniques you have forgotten about. Please, feel free to share your knowledge there.

Please post your #Wordpress answers and tutorials in #English. I do not have a moderator to vet any other language at this time. Sharing is Caring, and this writer is always hoping something positive happens for you each day!

Kind regards James

Describing the problem- Helpfully Fix the problem

Keep this in MindDescribing the the problem does not tell you how to fix the problem in technical terms. 

Describing the problem and Helpfully Fix the Problem

This is another big problem a number in the younger generation has fallen into with a passive form of communication. 

A person can creatively (with the genius you possess) describe a problem your phone is having with a technical issue. But if the person you are talking to does not specialize in electronics, then saying “the ground really has a lot of snow” does not tell or show how to clear up the “snow.” A person for some time may have known the ground has word picture wise seen the snow, it still doesn’t mean the person knows how to fix the problem right away or even who to ask for help. 

Now as a true friend or professional collaborator, wouldn’t you expect your PARTNER to voluntarily just provide/give that information (THEY POSSESS) to you that will FIX the problem? Otherwise it is just like the person you have placed confidence in is tearing down their own house/business/website/phone etc. By withholding such information from you. (Proverbs 14:1 – The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.) <— Same goes for men

Am I correct or not?

Then you will eventually start having to accept the fact that their actions are not matching with their beautiful smile, countenance, etc. Men are beautiful, I mean handsome, as well. Again, this is when you have to say, “We have to put the fun and games, or passive communication aside, at least for this issue, we need CLEAR VERBAL talk.” Hope this helps. You All are sharp personalities. I know it does. From my mind to your mind. – James

A Thought From the Past – OSI

Finding and describing the problem

Perceptive Readers, As you are aware, over the years, I’ve written hundreds of articles. Here is a flashback that applicably fits with the subject we talked about above.

Houston: “What is the problem?”
Communication between systems what it’s all about. Things sometimes go wrong with servers and computers that provide services to clients/customers, whether it is a website, e-mail, database, etc… When something goes wrong with the connectivity between systems these are some of the thoughts that will run through your mind:

“What in the world just happened?
Does the software or apps have a wrong configuration? 
Did we lose power somewhere? Are the servers down?
Who tripped over the cables?
*Sigh* Will this turn into a 24-hour shift to fix the problem?”

You have to use a logical thinking process to troubleshoot problems experienced in the Information Technology field. The more skilled you are at troubleshooting the quicker you can come to a conclusion on how to fix the problem. You do not want to spend your wheels, so to speak, longer than necessary. Right?
Then the worker who is worthy of his or her wages can relax with a cold beer. *Scratches head* I mean a tall cold glass of lemonade!

The OSI Model and Troubleshooting

In 1984, the public learned from the International Organization for Standardization that OSI stands for Open Systems Interconnection. It Explains in everyday language the OSI model’s role. It is to help you visualize your servers’ service connections to everything in a 7 layer logical order the communication/connectivity occurs.

Data Link

Special Exam Mnemonic Learn it and pass the test!
“All People Seem To Need Data Processing”

The Lower OSI levels consists of the Physical, Data Link, Network and Transport. This deals with what you would most likely troubleshoot first. Why? Because it starts with a physical inspection.

Are all cables (Ethernet, Fiber etc…) and networked cards connected? If they have power, are they transmitting the correct protocol such as TCP/IP? Back in the 80s to the early 2000s companies were using token ring, IPX, and other protocols we rarely use today, if at all.

For the most part, you can quickly verify your connections by visual inspection and by using the Ping, in addition to command line troubleshooting tools. Often the lights on the network card and switch ports will provide feedback according to the colors and their meaning in the device’s manual.

The Upper OSI levels form the Session, Presentation, and Application layers. The upper levels are involved when you have 2 devices like a computer and even smart phones communicating with one another through a session.

When there is a problem on this level most likely there is a glitch in the operating system, program, or app code that can in some cases turn out to be a flaw or bug. The upper levels involve DNS and encryption. Sometimes it may require a simple restart of one or more of the systems to flush out obsolete settings and software.

This is why you will hear from technicians tell you to restart the system(s) first before you contact them.

We could go into extensive details, but for the most part, the systems administrator will work on the first 4 layers in this way:

1) Connections
2) Power
3) Configurations

If you recently added new hardware or changed configurations, you should check your firewall, routers and switch settings for proper port forwarding and routing protocols.

Over time, you will learn your systems like the back of your hand and will know that Port 18 is about to go out or the e-mail server just needs to be restarted for software patch updates.

In time, the main parts of the OSI models that apply to you as a systems administrator or developer will become second nature to you even if you forget at times the OSI Model Proper layer names.

So when someone tells you “Houston, we have a problem.” 
You can reply, “All cables, servers, and switch configurations are a go, restart your client’s system first and then I will look at the program or app you are using at this time.”

Getting to Know the Scrivener Writing Software

Getting to Know The Scrivener Writing Software

The Fall is often a time of completion. Where people want to relax, spend time with family, have fun, and to feel as good about the year’s efforts and successes; especially in their occupations and professions in the western world of providing goods and services. During this time, Philanthropic projects also bring a sense of a job well done!

Well, in one man’s opinion, Scrivener is a software I have found to be worth the cost for goods & services in whatever field or occupation that a lot of writing is involved. It will save you on time, and as one author, Michael La Ronn, states (paraphrase): Scrivener allows authors and writers to get out of their own way.

I found this to be the case over the past year (s). Allow me to explain.

A Windows User of the Scrivener Writing Software

Back in the second quarter of 2012, I purchased Scrivener for Windows and placed it on my Windows 7 laptop. I absolutely got a kick out of using the software. Even with the Scrivener Writing Software for windows not having all the features of the Mac version of the software, I was more than satisfied with the abundance of features all the same. Yes, more features than most people would even inquire about. But they are there for when you need the right touch for this or that research paper you students are writing.

Everything just plain worked. Until… Read on

A Linux User with the Scrivener Writing Software

A couple of years ago, it became helpful for me to use the Linux system OS, so I stopped using Windows 10 and moved to several different linux distribution flavors.

However, along the way, Scrivener did not always function well with the Wine program.

Wine (originally an acronym for “Wine Is Not an Emulator”) is a compatibility layer capable of running Windows applications on several POSIX-compliant operating systems, such as Linux, macOS, & BSD. Instead of simulating internal Windows logic like a virtual machine or emulator, Wine translates Windows API calls into POSIX calls on-the-fly, eliminating the performance and memory penalties of other methods and allowing you to cleanly integrate Windows applications into your desktop.

After losing some of my newer writings and research by data corruption, I made the decision to stop using the Scrivener Writing Software with the Linux systems and the Wine program.

Writing became increasingly harder without the Scrivener Writing Software

Don’t get me wrong. Let me start by saying, it was not “Writer’s Block” that made it harder for me to write. It was harder because I had truly become reliant on the following tasks Scrivener makes so much easier and gives a sense of satisfaction that you have your bases covered!

  • Organization
  • Research Gathering
  • Research Compiling
  • Yes, even proof-reading

The above are just some of the benefits Scrivener gives far beyond common word processors.

A Year without the Scrivener Writing Software

After a year without using Scrivener daily, as was the routine before, I found myself storing more and more of my thoughts, poetry, and ideas in the universe of the mind; so to speak; unless I was ready to write an article that would be published the same 24-48 hours of me developing the online draft.
Oh how I miss those days of just writing a paragraph or two about this awesome (corny for some) joke or some serious thought-provoking subject Perceptive Readers would enjoy hearing and talking about. I had used Scrivener for everything except to make me a cup of coffee!

The Return to Scrivener 3
After a year, it was time to return to the software that helps me with storing my mind’s universe of thoughts and ideas! Chuckle, I often feel our minds (My father talked about this all the time) can produce cluster of galaxies in thoughts and abilities. However, as we get physically older (chuckle) it seems we just have to stay in the Milky Way Galaxy of storage space. This is why it is for us up in years to write down these thoughts when we get them.
And hopefully store them in a private (secure) way until you are ready to share these creations with the world; if this be your wish.
It was time to purchase the Scrivener 3 writing software for MAC!

That’s my experience. Feel Free to share yours!

Why Use Scrivener?

2 Helpful Videos in Getting to Know The Scrivener Writing Software

The first video to help us as an introduction to Scrivener comes from the makers of the software.
Getting Started – Scrivener’s Core Concepts – Literature and Latte Top 10 Scrivener TipsIt is also my pleasure to share the following video from Michael La Ronn of Author Level Up.
When it comes to Scrivener, you will find he has practical knowledge that will help you so much with getting started with this software. Michael La Ronn has valuable years of experience in the writing field period.

The Credentials:
“Welcome to Author Level Up. I’m Michael La Ronn, and every week I publish writing craft videos to help you write better, write faster, have fun, and be prolific. I’ve written over 40 books and counting, and these videos are me documenting what I’ve learned every step of the way. Check out video archive for lots of great videos on how to be a writer, writing tips, productivity secrets, and more. I hope you find these videos helpful. I respond to most comments so if you want me to do a video on something just let me know in the comments. Be sure to subscribe, and thanks for visiting.”

The Product of Culture Website

The Product of Culture Website is also known as POCBOOKS. “Much More Than Books”
Where the writings, professionals, artists, and musicians featured here are more than meets the eye and ear for perceptive tips, recreation, and music! This website also has a collection of digital and audio books.

Matomo Analytics are what you need

Matomo Analytics are what you need

Greetings Social Media Managers, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, and Website Owners;
Have you wondered if there is an alternative to Google Analytics and Tag Manager?

I’m here to tell you, “Yes, there is an alternative to Google Analytics & Tag Manager and it is named Matomo.”

I have used Matomo, formerly PIWIK, the free open source version on and off for about three years. This past year, I decided to stop comparing the two, meaning Google and Matomo Analytics, and stick with Matomo Analytics with there Tag Manager console.
I am pleased with this decision.
In time with research on your end, some will come to the same conclusion.
Matomo is worth the effort to being placed in your website’s business model.

100% Matomo has revolutionized what an all-in-one web analytics platform should be

Premium Web Analytics Platform

Heatmaps, Sessions Recordings, A/B Testing, Funnels, Goals, Form Analytics

Visitor Profiles

Enhanced SEO Features

Communication from Matomo for the New version 3.8

By signing up for the Matomo informative newsletter, you find out the following information fresh off the presses, if you will.

Matomo Analytics 3.8

  • There are a lot of improvements in Security
  • Marketers, this will make you happy! You can also now generate Campaign Tracking URLs

Smartphone, tablets and other devices and browsers are detected, as well as new Search engines and social networks

Custom Translations
Password Verifier

Matomo’s Founder

In November 2018, Joselyn Khor reached out to Matomo’s founder Matthieu Aubry for an interview. Pay close attention to how Matthieu answers the question How will you protect the Matomo project? She is referencing the free version.

SEE VIDEO Be GDPR compliant with Matomo Analytics

Matomo Tutorials with Ronan Chardonneau

A1) Here is a list of tutorials for Matomo made by Ronan Chardonneau.
Why Piwik Matomo is a great software for web analysts: the analyst Matomo suitcase example.

With Piwik Matomo you can easily create many segments, annotations, configurations, custom alerts and so on and so forth. In this video I am showing how you can easily do all of it.
The template of the document is available here


B1) Open Source Data Visualization made possible with Metabase and Matomo (Piwik) Analytics.

“In this video I am introducing Metabase, an Open Source data visualization software just like Microsoft BI, Google Data Studio and Tableau Software. I am explaining how you can integrate the Piwik Matomo database to it and most of all explaining why it is interesting to host in on your own server. I really hope this video will give you a lot of ideas and bring creativity to your projects.”


C1) What are the differences between raw data and archive data in Piwik Matomo analytics?


Is Matomo 3.8 analytics what you need?

Allow me to ask this again Are Matomo Analytics what you need?

Well, Social Media Managers, Entrepenuers, Professionals, and Website Owners what do you think? This report is not exhaustive for Matomo’s capabilities, but it is here to provide you with enough information so you can make good decisions between analytics software like Google and Matomo.

Social Media Managers

Social Media Managers *Some Information on this page such as my services and cost have been changed but are not listed here. This article is still active for reference purposes. – J.

Eight Reasons Why I can be One of the Best Social Media Managers you ever work with.

WOW! How is that for an article opening? In this world today, we find times you have to share what you can do. Would you agree this is the purpose of resumes? It has to be eye-catching and it has to state the facts!

Social Media Manager Definition

A social media manager is the individual in an organization trusted with monitoring, contributing to, filtering, measuring and otherwise guiding the social media presence of a brand, product, individual or corporation. The role is similar to that of a community manager on a website forum or public relations representative. Social media managers are often found in the marketing and public relations departments of large organizations. – Margaret Rouse

These Managers are Valuable

When you saw that this writer wrote Why I can be One of the Best Social Media Managers you ever work with, you can be confident he said what he meant and meant what he said.
Yet. This is a straight disclosure right up front. The same way a wine steward uses his experienced tastes and knowledge to pick the best wines for the restaurant(s) in his charge, likewise; the owner of the Product of Culture website carries out his choices in an illustrative way.

What does this mean?

It means as you peruse his resume, he is doing the same for ones who are seriously interested in his; in other words, he is sampling your wine (resume, talents, product). Therefore, I can come to the conclusion that even though your wine certainly belongs on the table in an upscale restaurant in Italy, the cost may be too rich for room in the Product of Culture farm like, with a touch of ultimate coolness wine cellars.

You have certain wines and champagnes you drink specifically for special occasions.

With that said, this writer has a limit to the contracts I will sign to perform the services of Social Media Manager. You are about to find out the reasons I feel I am one of the best fits for a talented professional who finds I am the best fit for them.

Eight Reasons Why I can be One of the Best Social Media Managers you ever work with — The Nuts Bolts

  1. The Social Media Manager is a good writer, with the needed editing skills as well, and writes all the time. His or her skills produces succinct social media posts to give The who, what, when and where for clientele.
  2. The Social Media Manager’s goal is to have 100% customer service satisfaction. This service requires time management. Expectations should be met through correspondence or phone calls with the solution. Social Media Managers are oral and written communicators.

Hence, in reference to the 2 statements above, I have excelled in customer service and communication for different occupations and projects. As a writer, we are always improving; however, if you are still capable of getting an “A” on a research paper, which was 95 – 100% scoring in my day (you know, over 200 years ago for the younger generation of readers here), then you own the skills of being a good writer.

Sidenote: In my experience I found the peace of your environment and enough time for writing and editing a project makes a world of difference on the final project. Can you say perfection?

The Hootsuite Social Media Team

If you need to hear additional social media experts experience, here is a reference:

8 Essential Skills a Social Media Manager Must Have – Hootsuite Social Media Management

A Day in the Life of a Hootsuite Social Media ManagerIn this video, we give Hootsuite’s social media audience what they’ve long been asking for: a behind the scenes look at what it’s like to manage social media for Hootsuite, and best practices that you can incorporate into your own professional life.

Specialist Skills

You will find these addition thoughts helpful in what you are looking for in a Social Media Specialist.

* SEO – Search Engine Optimization
* Design & Photo Editing
* Analytics & Reporting
* Paid Social Basics
* Research & Planning

 The Product of Culture website

3. The Product of Culture Website is also known as POCBOOKS – Much More Than Books. Where the writings, professionals, artists, and musicians featured here are more than meets the eye and ear for perceptive tips, recreation, and music! This website also has a collection of digital and audio books.

4. Listed are the prices for Event, Videos & Ads. Make a note of this deal. I do not have to be your social media manager in order for you to request pristine video slot showings on the website; but, if I do manage your accounts, then there’s no charge for me placing your events and ads on the website.

Here are the guidelines:

Video Ads and Event Placement Request. See Price List

The Product of Culture website is my profession run like an ethical business to the best of my ability. I reserve the right to not accept requests.

The topics for advertisement and documentary selection.

Health and poetry. Did I mention the food culture? Vegan included.

Price List

$25 for 48 hrs
$20 1 Home page slot (24 hrs)
$10 Event stays posted for Ninety days

Eight Reasons Why I can be One of the Best Social Media Managers you ever work with — The Guidelines I Follow

5. A Labor of Love in Business and Blog Policy Statement
A business’s sole purpose is to make currency; inasmuch to make a profit.
Do you ascribe to the statement above? If you do, the world’s raw facts will validate your view by sharing steps you must take for a business to make a profit.

6. The POCBOOKS.COM (Product of Culture) Blog Policy Statement
The owner, James Lynch, believes in every individual’s right (blog policy statement) to privacy. Here is a list of what information this website collects and why.

A succinct statement on the matter follows:


*Cookies, (Used only to register the visit in analytics) which you can turn off at anytime by modifying your internet browser’s settings.

*Any personal information willingly given by the user, such as a user’s email address, will be used only to serve the site’s user engagement with the author/owner of Your information is not given away to individuals or sold to third parties. Keywords: Confidential and private (oral & written) correspondence are honored by the website’s owner/author.

Eight Reasons Why I can be One of the Best Social Media Managers you ever work with — My Brand of Products

7. I have observe enough feedback and attention over the years to realize with the access (interest) of resources, my brand’s written & audio books are more than capable of making a profit for years to come.

Two Must See Examples:

A) James Fundamental Reading Commentary

B) The Life and Times of Baby Lucas Books I and II combined ebook!

Concluding Take Away

Dear perceptive reader, you now have a detailed overview of why I stand by the statement:

“Why I can be One of the Best Social Media Managers you ever work with”

Are you of the same mind and skill set? Then you certainly can make similar claims with confidence on your next interview. Or, you may just want to help another professional or entrepreneur to carry out their goals.

Either way, may you continue to find success in all that truly matters in your heart. Thank you for the interest.

Julian A Google Analytics and Tag Manager Guru

Julian – Creator of MeasureSchool

Julian A Google Analytics and Tag Manager Guru!

Like in the title, Julian is undoubtedly qualified to help most users of this internet tool to become familiar and use one of Googles top-notch programs.

Julian is certified in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.
With his personable delivery of his knowledge and instructions of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, he will help you get your website up and running meaningful stats in no time.

Do you need this important information?

Track YouTube Videos with Google Tag Manager

Julian’s videos will help your businesses answer these following questions:

A) Where should the owner/company spend the budget for marketing?
B) When you have different campaigns, which one is yielding the best results?
C) The articles or product pages your readers and consumers are interested in that made them think, “I shall return.”

So are you one of these individuals with a website?

Digital Marketer
Grandma or Granddad with a website 🙂

Then there may be times you find yourself needing data for a report, or just desire to keep abreast of your progress and audience demographic, Julian’s knowledge will be of value to you.

As one professional openly expressed, “follow them and become an expert.”

More on

At Measureschool,  they want to help you to collect better data in order to utilize digital measurement in your decision making; and help you stay up to date on the trends of new Measure tools.

“Learning the data-driven way made all the difference for me when building Urbanara. We were no longer stifled by too many possibilities and the fear of doing something wrong. Guided by data we made changes on an ongoing basis, optimized our campaigns and got better results along the way” – Julian

Learn more about this Free Course!
Google Tag Manager for Beginners
Get introduced to Google Tag Manager, the tool that is revolutionizing the world of tag deployment

Be sure to share Julian A Google Analytics and Tag Manager Guru with someone you know who needs to get started for the year 2018!