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Unity Poem Perceptive Readers

Unity Poem
The reading for the Unity poem is one for reflection. If you would like for me to post the words to this poem, you can comment your request below. A Perceptive Readers Reflection Unity Poem   Four thoughts going along with this Unity poem are noted below: A) People are prone to separate themselves into groups and classes of people. B) The separation into some of these groups ...
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Stardust Poem By Jerna Grace

In this lovely feature by Jerna Grace, She brought forth the Stardust poem. Jerna exercises the rights of the creative poet to manifest her thoughts into words, and her words into style. From the start of an early age, some have wondered if we are stardust. The beauty of watching these bright lights on a calm summer's night can inspire such awe. And humans, though in these delicate vases like b...
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In the Name of Love-Thank You Facing West

In the name of Love don’t you just love Facing West new music video song? Notice what Ron had to say about Sydney & Caitlin. https://twitter.com/RBosch25/status/769201384101208064 These young ladies write songs. They sing songs. They play the guitar and ukulele. Now lo and behold Caitlin has placed her talented hands on a piano! Yes, I’m through, just happily through! Quite a few know...
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A Father’s Love(Dad’s Poem)

A father's Love
This poem was first featured here: A Father’s love – Poetry in Text http://pocbooks.com/a-fathers-love-poety-in-text/ A Father's Love(Dad's Poem) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3HigGDEcR0 This poem was first featured here: A father’s love – Poetry in Text http://pocbooks.com/a-fathers-love-poety-in-text/ Here are words to A father’s love: His responsibilities are many. His author...
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Day of mine-Poetry in Text

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Day of mine I was sitting in a coffee bar, drinking peppermint tea. And I sat there, reading a book about Hidden History, some kind of stories untold of our world. I could not stop reading, till I realized that my tea is long gone, and almost two hours passed. Just like that. I like the atmosphere of this place. A girl making coffee, selling it along with a smile on her face, which made you a bi...
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Depression Poetry Reading just for you

Depression poetry
This Depression  poetry reading gives the listener a chance to think about this subject in her or his relaxed space. You don’t always have to endure the pain of losing a friendship if you make the worthwhile efforts to save it! Natalia Ciemniak explains more in her interview about the poem Depression. Depression Poetry Reading By Natalia Ciemniak https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVmmKN9iGBM ...
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A father’s love – Poetry in Text

A father’s love
A father’s love His responsibilities are many. His authority is meant to be exercised in wisdom at all times. Though he is a provider he will not choose monetary gain at the sacrifice of his children’s salvation. Where are these men? Where are these fathers? He has unseen strength and yet gentle His teenage sons and daughters still thinks he knows everything and yet the father...
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