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Product of Culture Articles Creation – History Excerpt

Over the years, professionals have thrived by using platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter and more platforms like these are being created as we speak.

If you have any tips on how to be a great Social Media Manager, please by all means share the experience with others!

Perceptive Readers App and Sharing Discussion

We now have The POCBOOKS.COM App. We also discuss the gratitude of sharing and how it helps professionals and brands small and large! Check out the paraphrased quote shared in this special FYI of Perceptive Readers. Do you feel the same way of this one CEO (entrepreneur)?

Art and Music Journey Perceptive Readers 4u

In this Perceptive Readers 4u episode we discuss the following

Social Media Sharing Thursday Pick


Art and Music Journey in The Mind

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Helping Others and Elevated Thoughts

Perceptive Readers 4t  Helping Others and Elevated Thoughts

The first part opening comments on Social Work, Technical problems, and universal facts and principle

The Good Book references

An earthly story (with modest flare)

Seeing the Real Perceptive Readers 4s

Seeing The Real From The Confusing

When there is difficulty with understanding the spirit of what is being said or shown someone, keep the following discussion in mind.

A Sages Poetry Perceptive Readers Podcast

A Sages Poetry Perceptive Readers 4q

Mind Heart

She Picked Him

Also A Sages Poetry Perceptive Readers 4q Featured Poetry Writer Natalia Ciemniak

When I was younger
Posted on February 14, 2016
I remember
Those days
When I was just
A kid
I wanted everything
But what I desired most
Was to grow faster
To be, a bit older
And become an adult.
From my point of view
Everything was so simple
I told my father
One day
I’m gonna make you
And now as I think about it
It’s not that easy to do.
I am seating here
On a wooden bench
On the beach
Watching the waves
Playing with
Grains of sand
And all I wish for
Is to be
Kid again
Just like that
The problems and concerns
Were much smaller
So pathetic
While now
They’re big enough
To change my


Perceptive Readers Sharing is Caring

Marketing and sharing goes hand in hand. There are certainly a lot of free products, demos, and trial versions we can avail ourselves of every day.

Which has proven to be very helpful! Do you agree?

So here is something I’m wondering about from your point of view:

When a chef or baker gives the public his cakes and pies for many, many days for free, when would you be moved to say, with a huge smile, “Hey, I just love the desserts and pastries you make. How much would your best cake cost again?”

If you would like to respond to this question feel free to send your answers through the contact form. You can also elaborate on the answer if you like.

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5 Senses our Mind Appreciates

The 5 Senses our Mind Appreciates – Perceptive Readers 4r

The 5 Senses – Humans have five basic senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Keep using them to learn

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Perceptive Readers 4p High School 2020 Tips

Welcome to this Perceptive Readers High School 2020 Tips From Proofreading Tips to Honesty is the Best Policy. Students and maybe teachers will appreciate this episode!

High School 2020 Tips

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Excerpt from the archives: As a serious blogger, you find yourself absorbing a large amount of data whose primary application would be practical or technical in nature for your readers. Think about it; explaining how to use some new phone app is technical. Therefore, even though your core group of readers want to see your personality and style in the blog post, you still have to stay objective with the topic. And for the most part, there is a structured way of relating the subject for the benefit of your readers.

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Perceptive Readers 4o A Prodigal Thought

A Prodigal Thought. An encouraging discussion from the Good Book we have read before, however, a reminder can be refreshing waters.

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Poetry Here at the website

Life’s Recreation
Some choose to read
Others enjoy a good meal to eat.
While a fine man appreciates his fine wine to drink

That lady over there sure loves to dance
And she has a special selection of songs not left up to chance

Ah, Life’s Recreation aren’t you glad we can be refreshed winter, spring, summer, and fall.

Good God Some may say, we really do have it all!

Poetry Writers Collaboration

Title: Without Within
Authors: @POCJL, @Gup_katyusha, @KiBLS

Without Within

As years have gone by, it has become so evident: The difference between what love does with knowledge. And what knowledge does without love.

As centuries have gone by, it has become so evident: The difference between what wisdom does with knowledge. And what knowledge does without wisdom

Ever so confusing lust and love argument Lust is all about intrinsic, primal desires Love is nurturing care, equal

When the personality realizes it can not in essence give without having it within. Then each one will have the understanding heart & motivation to begin

A poem for The Name in You

Trying often to explain
You are a wonderful name

Parents thought about it
Before you were born

Though it was hard to pronounce it would eventually fit like comfy slippers worn

Oh you don’t frivolously give it away
It is a life of eternity made

Take each straight and curved letters few
And match them to life’s work in you

What beauty will appear on the canvases
Only time will tell the tale

That name whether in the public or in private is always on display

What will it show on this day
No matter what don’t haphazardly give it away

Happy your name is when it knows and is you

The forever future is possible as the earth and sea refreshing dew

Perceptive Readers 4n Roddenberry Star Trek Part 1

Welcome to Gene Roddenberry Vision Star Trek Part 1

Perceptive Readers 4n Roddenberry Star Trek Part 1

A couple of times a year, I write one of those blog articles that could be placed in a personal journal (for the gentlemen) or diary (for the ladies). So why is the title featuring Star Trek? ‘Is it because you are a die-hard Trekkie?’ You ask.

Well, I wouldn’t say all of that; however, for a number of years in my life, some of the Science Fiction stories, Star Trek, in particular, struck a chord with me.

Science Fiction: fiction dealing principally with the impact of actual or imagined science on society or individuals or having a scientific factor as an essential orienting component- Merriam Webster Dictionary

Gene Roddenberry debuted the original Star Trek in 1966. You can see from his screenplays a sincere desire to have a future where humanity, at least on earth, got along together as a whole. “Utopia” you may say? Well, yes it seems; he at least wrote a strong leaning towards it anyway.

Utopia: A place of ideal perfection especially in laws, government, and social conditions. – Merriam Webster Dictionary

Now people who have meditated on all the barriers to Gene Roddenberry’s vision in his writings, will readily acknowledge, isn’t this the beauty of Science Fiction? You use your imagination, and dreams, and write until your seemingly far-fetched thoughts and love of humanity ideas materialize. Read Part 2