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Rumble — Graduation With a Poetry Flare The Beginning of Knowledge
We start this chapter on the following thoughts
I. The Start of Knowledge
II. The Goal
III. Graduation Day Building Bridges


Best Ways to use Twitter

Best ways to use Twitter From the Archives
Created on: November 29, 2010 Last Updated: November 30, 2010

What should you look for in your first 100 Twitter people to follow?

This may sound strange to reverse the normal view of Twitter that promotes saying: “Get as many followers as you can at all cost.”  Yet, if you are meticulous in your efforts to find people to follow and hopefully for them to follow you for some of the reasons below, your Twitter experience can be positive for the most part.

  • A)    Are you using Twitter to market a product? Then you will want to follow a percentage of persons who have tried and proven experience in marketing whatever product you are pleased to offer the public for their benefit.
  • B)  Are you using Twitter to get news from around the world on different subjects?  Then you will most likely search out creditable agencies that will provide you the facts in a timely and accurate fashion.

  Now, there are other ways Twitter is being used today.  It is a social networking tool just as much as it is a marketing tool.  There are pros and cons with such a setup.  This is why the first 25 to 100 Twitter people you may desire to follow is being underscored. 

If you possess a certain etiquette or ethic of the way you correspond and communicate with people, wouldn’t you want it to be reciprocated in your feeds or direct messages?

For example, in your field or personal life you interact with people of all ages, backgrounds, and cultures. When running the ever-constant TweetDeck of feeds it is hoped that ones who follow you would find something useful or produce a simple acknowledgment of a decent comment. If there is no interest in the feeds at the time, then this is okay.  However, would not you desire that no individual, including yourself, turn his or her head away due to being offended?

Twitter works like Branding.  What type of  Brand are you developing?

At the time of reading this article, you may have only a few people you follow.  If you take some of the suggestions mentioned into consideration, this will help you to still have the quality content and collaborators you desire. Working with such individuals will still bring you followers to your Twitter account at different rates of time, as long as you are actively promoting your brand, while helping others to promote theirs through retweets and other means like blogs.

In closing, your first 25-100 people you follow should be thought out if you are branding your company or yourself.  Yes, anyone may follow you on Twitter; however, can you really just follow anyone to help in mutual endeavors?


Considering Whatever It Takes Part 2 Video

This is Part 2; in this 4 part series we talk about success. What meaning does success have for you? How does it affect your daily view and outlook? In this brain storming discussion, it is to have you think about how people view success and what routines their daily take in life. Considering Whatever It Takes and are there exceptions to this view?


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Time Millennials Please Never Forget This. The Perceptive Readers Podcast with a Sunday Thought: Time Millennials Please Never Forget This Video


GWPF 3 Keynote Graduation Day Video

Men, throughout history, have appreciated the importance of reading and writing in communities: GWPF 3 Keynote Graduation Day Video


GWPF 2 Poetry with a Special Journey Video

Rumble — Graduation with a Poetry Flare. Poetry for a special a Journey You waited close to 2 decades for its completion. The GWPF will keep the memory of it for generations.


The Hulk From The Archives

Can you guess what year this article was posted on or blog? Enjoy this quick journal posts from the archives.

The Hulk, a creature born from radiation and anger! His solution to problems is to smash, smash and more smash!

Hulk Soundtrack 456,149 views

In the world of reality, what would all the smashing carnage get you? 

Really, think it through. Something makes you angry, and your fingers and fists clench as your head feels exhilarated due to the higher than normal pulsation of blood. Now as a reaction, you lash out at your target! 

Have you noticed that more people on the social networks are intimating the pain experienced by verbal punches hurt just as much as physical blows? Equate the smashing of the Hulk to a verbal smack. What devastation would come from it? 

Once time has passed, you return to your normal and peaceful self. No more green with madness, or for some, green with envy. 

However, another reality comes to you; you are not able to just change your clothes and move on to another town. Unlike the Hulk, your anger or envy has destroyed bridges and buildings that will take an unspecified amount of time to repair. 

In some cases, it will take a miracle from the Grand Creator himself to fix the damage. 

Everyday has the capability to make us a better person or turn us into the Hulk like creature! Which one do you ascribe to?

Video Bonus Feature: The Hulk Made Him Hungry


Prioritizing Your Valuable Time

Can you guess what year this article was posted on or blog? Enjoy this quick journal posts from the archives.

The subject of valuing time is important. Yet, when a person observes society, it seems certain groups value time more than others do.
For example, the media, emergency services and essential personnel in organizations; no matter what the designated name of the organization, such persons in these roles realize the value (importance) of time. They show this by consistently being on time. A person who values time will often reflect on a several things.
*Prioritize assignments
Whether a person uses their brain, calendar, smart phone, or notepad; he or she will be cognizant of listed things to do for that day. A numerical value can be given to the different items. Although many appointments and task will fall into categories of high value, clearly, such a list will inform you that not all things are equal, or should have as much time devoted to them. A person will combine several tasks into one; if, the key word, time will allow and it is truly necessary. Can you combine grocery shopping and picking the children up from school without dropping off the groceries at home first? Can you forgo (do without) a regular routine in order to provide the needed increments of time for an important event of that day? Television and other recreational activities possess value for many; however, the list will show a person what activities have more value for the day.
*Manage expectations
People who value time strive to adjust to their environments. They realize that due to unforeseen events priorities change. Still, they realize and will place impetus that there is difference between habitual lateness and exceptional cases. Have you ever heard, “A lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine?” A person who values times realizes that when they have promised to do something for a family member, friend, and human beings in general; they have in a sense, sold that valuable time to them. Another person should not be able to haphazardly take it away. Therefore, a person who values time manages people’s expectations. This is often hard to do at first, but you will gain valuable time to fulfill your high-prioritized assignments for the day.
There is often a good feeling a person receives when people know they are dependable and values time. In the busy environment of today, there are still only 24 hours in a day. Would you agree sleep is valuable? Then for most, we have only 15 to 18 hours of precious time in a day.
What distinct matters in your life deserve to be listed as items requiring your valuable attention and time?


Considering Whatever It Takes Part 1 Video

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Horse Whisper In You Video

Rumble — We do some more than the usual consideration on these magnificent creatures and the human side of everything References: The Horse Whisperer is a 1998 American Western drama film.