Bullying effects you may not know

Bullying effects you may not know

This Interesting and sober subject is a repost from May 2, 2019

A child is born with a heart of gold

For your Information, here are two thoughts about bullying you may not know. You are aware, this website has talked about the topic of  bullying for quite a few years. Here is an FYI found on Wikipedia. And a recent Instagram post from a talented equestrian rider during the teenage years.

In the United Kingdom, there is no legal definition of bullying,[6] while some states in the United States have laws against it.[7] Bullying is divided into four basic types of abuse – emotional (sometimes called relational), verbalphysical, and cyber.[8] It typically involves subtle methods of coercion, such as intimidation.

“Bullying ranges from one-on-one, individual bullying through to group bullying called mobbing, in which the bully may have one or more “lieutenants” who may seem to be willing to assist the primary bully in their bullying activities. Bullying in school and the workplace is also referred to as “peer abuse”.[9] Robert W. Fuller has analyzed bullying in the context of rankism.”  Wikipedia

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I want to talk to you all about bullying – we all experience it at some point and we all know how horrible it is…so why does it still happen? Boredom? Jealously? Or do people generally think it’s funny? It’s something I don’t think I’ll ever be able to wrap my head around. Sadly social media gives people the anonymity to say what they want without having to face the consequences , with no understanding of that person they are attacking. No wonder so many people suffer emotional problems when they are faced with this. Thank goodness we have charities such as Young Minds who are there to help and more awareness needs to be made of the support they offer. I get lots of lovely messages every day offering support and love but I also get many messages from people also getting bullied online and getting hate FOR NO REASON and it just makes me so angry that we as an community some of us have to bring others down. It’s a tough hard sport and we all work really hard day in day out in all weathers alongside school and work and family to ensure our equine partners are happy to do the job for the hobby we love. I know the message is out there – that online bullying is bad – but I for one will always want to continue ‘banging my drum’ – it is NOT ACCEPTABLE!! To those people who really cant cope seeing other people’s failures or successes or just living, if you don’t agree with something or don’t like someone online don’t follow them, block them, remove them from your life. Don’t try and make them feel awful. Don’t talk about them behind their back. Blowing out someone else’s candle DOES NOT make yours any brighter. Maybe try and say something nice to them and see how that turns out instead… be kind, be positive, make someone’s day. It feels good. Rant over except to say thank you to all my followers here – I for one think you’re amazing. If you’re at Badminton Horse Trials this weekend make sure you visit the @youngmindsuk to find out how they can help people deal with issues such as online bullying uk stand if you’d like to find out more about the charity and support the work they do ⭐ #mmbht #fightingfor

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Appreciation for Reading is Great

Appreciation for Reading; You hear people talk about appreciation quite a bit. They appreciate each day with a measure of life’s vitality.

All the ones in their circle who enrich the value of everything they do just by being around them. It’s like if you are baking a regular tasty pound cake, here they are to place the icing on it —maybe some fruit as well. Strawberry cheesecake comes to mind.

Some just got an idea for a treat or dessert for after dinner tonight.

Appreciation for Reading is Great

Just like dessert, reading after dinner is also a great treat for your mind. Sure, you may be thinking about taking a nap depending on the meal size. Or it could be a television show time. When you have used your brain all day, it is well deserved ‘veg’ out time you looking for in the evening.

No one is saying you deserve less otherwise.
Hence, these are still thoughts on how your appreciation of reading can be enjoyed in the same amount of time as any meal.

High school students, how long does it takes you to eat a bowl of fruit and cereal in the mornings?

Sidenote: Cornflakes and bananas always come to mind for many adults.
It goes without saying, some students seem to inhale their breakfast within seconds! Well maybe we better move to another meal for the time frame example.
How about lunch? Less than twenty minutes you say?
Okay, what about dinner? Less than 30 minutes are your thoughts?
Sounds good

So somewhere between a few seconds to thirty minutes you can read something that will be like icing on the cake for your mind. Do you have any hard cover or paperback books in your abode?

The library will also have something for you to hold between your hands and eyes as you periodically sip on hot cocoa and read.

Topics you are interested in other than math in the evening could be just what your mind is craving for a few moments.

What do you like to read about?

Can you find a few minutes to read each day something you know will enrich your mind with the taste of a dessert feel to it?
Who knows, it may still be technical or spiritual.
Hence, the question is put forth again. Do you have a few moments of time each day to feed your mind on a book?
Have a pleasant day and keep your appreciation of reading.

Coffee and Fun Conversation

This information is from a 1983 song titled Yah Mo B There by James Ingram and Michael Mcdonald. Yah is a shortened form of Yahweh, which means God’s Name in Hebrew. So the title literally means “God will be there” and is interpreted as “God be with you.”

Paisley Park Happy Wednesday Throughout Your Day

Dear Perceptive Readers I wish you Happy Wednesday! It sometimes cracks me up to think about the way some people really get into saying it. You wonder just how many cups of coffee they ingested that morning; or took a shower in it!

During the autumn season, I shared some music and documentary videos about Prince Rogers Nelson (June 7, 1958 – April 21, 2016). You can find a lot more interviews and how people feel about this talented musician who is no longer with us by visiting his official website and instagram accounts.

Prince’s Home

Paisley Park was the home and production studio for Prince. I just love how people knew it was Prince’s private sanctuary. It felt the same way for the ones who were able to visit there. There is an expression that can be applied in this home setting; “Paisley Park has Prince personality all over it” It means that if you have been enthralled with Prince’s music and style over the decades, then his private sanctuary will be no exception when you go to visit it.

What did you just say? Prince, Sanctuary, Home, Visit, What?!

Ah, yes, read on perceptive and music loving ones.

Paisley Park Tours and Tickets

I’m pleased to share with you on this Happy Wednesday there is a Paisley Park Experience! You can also get tickets for tours! The tours in 2019 are continuing throughout to November 30, 2019. Listed are choices for the experience.

The Paisley Park Experience

  • The VIP Experience
  • The Ultimate Experience
  • Paisley Park After Dark

The Beautiful Ones, Official Release Party November 1, 2019 is SOLD OUT

Prince’s Reflection

There is a lot of music Prince wrote that would take a long time to come for one’s who adore Prince’s compositions from the vault that he spent days at a time adding to it. A tune here, a beat there, and a masterpiece for the present.

It was in 2004, Prince expressed (blended) his love for Manuela Testolini, within such a masterpiece from memories of his mother and youth.

This tender hearted man chose Wendy Melvoin ( Revolution 1979 – 1986 Band member) to perform with him on the Tavis Smiley Show.

With that said, I will wish you Perceptive Readers a Paisley Park Happy Wednesday!

Enjoy “Reflection”
Prince & Wendy Melvoin “Reflection”

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Art and Music Journey in The Mind

Since there is a time for learning, exercise, and work; there is also certainly a time for ( art and music ) play.
Playing for children often involves high energy of imagination and talking to one another.
Talk about high energy, how about the teenagers? What does your daily routine look like?
In schools around the world, do they still teach art and music courses?
It is expected that when you join a band you will learn music. However, there was a time in some elementary and middle schools you had a certain part of class room time to learn about the basic skills of playing a flute.
The same went for art.
It was not until high school you had to start picking specialized courses if you ever wanted to exercise your creative flow in that way during school hours.
The above is a conversational piece with a coffee shop vibe. As you know, conversations by their very nature are meant to be enjoyed. Conversations do not turn into arguments when there is the spirit of enjoying each other’s company.
Some of us have and will continue to enjoy our discussions over art, literature, and music.

Did you know this about art?

There are three classical branches of Art

I hope these interesting facts will show you what is innately known. That the mind can imaginatively see art in everything and make it materialize literally overtime.
Observe the skills required to proficiently create the following branches of art on a professional or occupational level.


Shown in office buildings, restaurants, and homes. The owners of these establishments are dressing up their walls to be inviting and warm to set the tone of the environment. The environment is just as important to understanding what the prospective and perceptive clients are looking for; as well as their personality input. For example, a farmer will probably pass over placing huge buildings to decorate the walls in his home. However, an entrepreneur with dreams of owning a building that size just might say “Exactly what I was looking for!” All the while, you will peak the farmer’s interest with people smiling, lakes, and camping scenes. Do you have such skills with a paint brush?


Are 3 dimensional carvings made into stone, wood, and casting metal. It takes a precision of accuracy and patience IMHO like no other in the arts. It is not an easy thing to recover from the mistakes made and can be quite costly. To this day, Michelangelo (see Sistine Chapel) , has to be one of the most renowned Italian sculptures of all time. Though he was commissioned by Pope Julius II to paint the Sistine Chapel, he made clear in history that he is a sculptor more than a painter. Imagine that? All the same, how did this man create all these stone gems to perfection? He possessed the skills of precision accuracy and patience. Do you have such skills?


As referenced with the Sistine Chapel, the paintings on the ceiling walls, people travel from all over the world to see them; the architectural structure is no less aesthetically studied in history books from the renaissance period. Do you understand the art and engineering behind designing such buildings?

Then we have the animating performing arts! Often the ones who are not as skilled with stylus tools can find their place in music and theater. This is to make you aware everyone can find their place in exercising creativity. Have you experienced the joy of creating music or dance?

Speaking of Music

In part two of this article we will explore a couple of instruments and thoughts on music. It has been said more than once by this writer, music is one of life’s pleasures. Really, there are many you will tell you it makes life worth living through the good and tough times! Do you agree? I’m confident that the students visiting this website are in agreement with that last sentence.

So by all means please share this article on your social media accounts and with close friends.
I’m pleased you are enjoying the Product of Culture aka pocbooks.com website

A Poem with the flavor of art


Seeing beauty at times takes a trained eye.
It is more than just looking up at the sky.
Some can take the easy way out by repeating what everyone has said before.
But in order to be original the ability to see beauty has to go beyond the surface of the door.
The face is just a shield.
What’s inside happens to be the true yield.
It often takes insight and training to see beyond such borders to not go along with the established order.
You don’t have to wait until you are older.
Young in age too can find beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Guest Blog Request Sample

Perceptive Readers, here is a guest blog request sample correspondence response from me. The name and e-mail of this writer has been removed. I hope this helps you entrepreneurs, professionals, etc to see that e-mail responses do not have to be long. They should be concise, or as some say, just get to the point. Respectfully, that is.

Guest Blog Request Sample

Dear ____________,

Subject: Response to ____________ _____________ guest blog post request.

I hope this e-mail response finds you well or even better!
You offered to write a guest blog post on the pocbooks.com website. The cost: A back link to your website.

There are several criteria I use to verify guest bloggers.

  1. We are mutually following each other on one or more of the social media platforms. Twitter, Minds, etc.
  2. There is a six month (this can be negotiable) time frame of me reading your material or blog site.
  3. There is a specific documentary or commentary writing piece I’m looking to publish on the Product of Culture website.

For instance, right now I’m looking at 5G wireless technology research.

If you are still interested in being a guest blogger on the pocbooks.com website, please give your website information or online resume. Do you have 3 of your favorite articles you love to show people? Please provide them as well.

 _______, if this is your wish, as we develop a professional rapport for one another, you may find more options will be offered for you to (guest blog) write on subjects closer to your heart.

I will always be clear on the theme e.g musician, culture, science, social media and more topics.

Thank you for reaching out and much success in your endeavors.

Kind regards, James ( Author/ Owner pocbooks.com )

Chrissy Costanza Can Sing and Writing

Greetings readers and welcome to Chrissy Costanza singing and writing. No, she is not writing here, please don’t be sad.
This article is to let you know where you can find the best places for her singing in the ATC band; also a discussion about her writing along with a healthy discussion about intellectual property. CHECK OUT Rocksound

A Product of Culture Chrissy Costanza

One of the creations this website engages in happens to be in organizing profiles; which also translates into portfolios and resumes. It depends on just how much information a person professionally and publicly desires to make known. This is a part of marketing and branding. What is it about this person that catches your attention? Is it their artistry, singing, looks, gardening, or technical skills? We encounter professionals all the time who have one or more of these skills and can square – dance on top of it. The next section is to create a brief portfolio on Chrissy Costanza as an idea of what you bloggers may want to do for persons who guest blog on your website.

Chrissy Costanza A Brilliance Outlook on ATC

“Part of my writing process is getting frustrated with myself and yelling at myself at least 6 times until I finally have a break through. It’s not healthy but it’s art.” – Chrissy Costanza

Against the Current – The Fuss

IMPORTANT. This the above Section involved a neat Chrissy Costanza presentation of skills that as I go into my writing season I hope to share with you readers once again when finished. Meanwhile, check out ATC website and Merc page.

Intellectual Property Rights

It protects the artist You have authors, musicians, photographers, inventors, etc. All such ones have delved into the creative centers of the mind to produce something that was not there before for the benefit of the people. In this world of the Internet, you will find many people are willing to allow you to reference or use their product; including intellectual property if you provide the proper attribution. It is a clear statement that this work belongs to the author, organization, photographer, etc.
For your notes, I am leaving references on intellectual property rights.

  1. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
  2. What is Intellectual Property?
  3. Intellectual Property Service?
  4. What Is Intellectual Property?

If you would like to copy the above “Product of Culture Articles Creation” information word for word to your website, please provide the attribution to the Product of Culture Website, POCBOOKS.COM
Exceptions and Permissions: Chrissy Costanza, ATC, Rocksound magazine, are welcome to use or copy THIS PAGE contents without attribution or further permission.

The Best Proofreading Tips

Hello writers, what are your proofreading tips? Let me tell you now, I’m writing this article to remind myself of the steps to take for more of my articles. You see, these steps take more time than a quick read through. Something I have a tendency to do a lot on my journal category articles. You may be shaking your head, “I know.”

Why Proofreading is Necessary

Proofreading is normally done after you are satisfied with your draft article or story.  You are looking to edit misspellings, grammar, and punctuation errors.  Does this sound like a simple process? Maybe. But is it that simple to carry out? It does not always feel like it, and this is one reason why we have professional editors so as some say after one or two proofreading edits on their own, “I no longer want to deal with the headache.” Or, “ I’m glad my part is over and done.”

Here is the good word though. The headache that sometimes come when you are proofreading a novel; does not when you are writing a short (200 – 900 words) to long form blog post  between 1,000 to 4,000 words.  Then you most likely will be able to complete the proofing process without a headache. Proofreading is important because it matches your thoughts with the words on paper (screen), so there will be no confusion.  You don’t like the way something reads or sounds, then tweak it once, or tweak it twice, and there you will have your authentic thought exactly the way you wish it to be.

Best Proofreading Tips

  • A) Take a break from the article. Have a meal. Maybe you only need fifteen minutes to an hour away. It helps having a day away from the article project; therefore it gives your brain time to rejuvenate overnight. I realize most may not need or desire to wait that long. It is good to know all the same.
  • B) After your break, make sure to place your pencil (computer cursor) on each word methodically read at a slower pace than what you have typed. You will see most mistakes right away by doing this. Spellings and punctuation will become evident.
  • C) Speaking of punctuation, I’ve found proofreading your sentences backwards helps to find typos and missing punctuations as well. Be aware this can bring a strain for some, but I want you to know it is one of your options just the same. 
  • D) Check your headings and subheadings. Did you place them in bold types and special fonts?  Make sure the headings are all uniformed in the style you picked. H2 through H5 and so on.
  • E) Read your masterpiece out loud.
  • F) Take a break ( coffee or tea, smile) and repeat the steps on your return.

How the above steps have helped me.

The above tips I started using around 2014, but to this day, not on a consistent basis. I wish to use the above techniques more to keep all my articles in pristine reading shape for the Perceptive Readers. Chuckle, but you know there will continue to be times when I still post those from my mind to your mind journal articles and will not have used all the best proofreading tips displayed in the last heading.

In fact, it seems to be saved mostly for indepth tip articles like this one.

This is one of the reasons I decided to write this article — to help myself use these techniques more times throughout the month.  Hence, when you see this article featured on My Minds Page quite a bit, it is to remind me to implement these tips more even on my shorter articles and side bar statements and news. Something I can always work on each week, if not everyday.

With the above stated, please feel free to tell me in the contact form on the homepage when I made a mistake in an article. 

Seriously, this is so helpful to me. Let me express again how grateful I’ll be to you.

A quick, Hi, My name is  Mr. or Ms. Wonderful, and I just copied and paste this quote to show you there is a misspelling or punctuation, etc.

Concluding Thought Tips

Allow me to thank you readers for sharing and spending time each day to enhance, some people say enrich, your life by finding and taking value to others. Yes, sharing is caring. Always  do your best to have a light shinning in your heart and mind.  Hey, you need that as part of the the best proofreading tips as well.

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Mentor Students in Honesty is the Best Policy

Hi Mentors and Perceptive readers to these thoughts on honesty is the best policy.

Honesty is the Best Policy

How would you answer on the value of honesty? Is it the best way to be?
The above statement is:

  • A) Fact
  • B) False
  • Right or wrong?

In the BusinessDictionary it references honesty inclusion for ethical behavior. It states:

Acting in ways consistent with what society and individuals typically think are good values.
Ethical behavior tends to be good for business and involves demonstrating respect for key moral principles that include honesty, fairness, equality, dignity, diversity and individual rights.

Do you get the understanding that what you see is what you get ? Or at the very least be Truthful

So when you introduce yourself by name to this new person, it is expected that not only are you giving the correct name, but honesty is certainly involved with the name and actions; and will continue to do so.

Society needs and expects honesty and dignity in everyday interactions.
Well then, already, at the start of this school year, mentors and teachers have classes of these bright minds still considered in their early stage of life’s understanding. Will YOU impress upon your listeners how honesty is the best policy?
Yes, even when it comes to homework; please stop blaming sweet Fido (dog family member) for eating it. If Fido is eating it, then can you move work assignments to higher ground?
At the very least, continue to impress upon these minds, “If you have a question, then please by all means ASK.”

Yes, mentors and teachers have a way of instructing their students through their joy of the subject to become involved during a question and answer session.
For example, some teachers in a thirty-minute teaching session may teach for ten minutes and answer questions for five minutes. Then they may have another five or ten minutes for paperwork exercises. Some students (most likely) may have a few questions afterwards.
The above is by no means set in stone on how to teach.

The purpose of this article is to share the importance of your mentoring routine in allowing and in some cases encourage honest questions. Some students may experience timidity at first.

In conclusion, how would you rate your environment for bringing out the best in your students? With an assessment and observation of the questions you are receiving, then your classroom policies will improve its conduciveness for drawing out honest responses from your students.

Welcome Students to September

G’day and welcome students to September; this will be another interesting month and year of reading with enjoyment of visual media.

Welcome Students

The summer here at the Product of Culture website had more maintenance and learning addition technical skills I did not expect in my plans; but we go with the flow the best we can in getting things fixed.

Summer concludes and Autumn Begins
On Monday, September 23, the start of fall will begin. How was your summer? Hopefully, you were able to take vacations or some well-deserved breaks at least.

School Attenders
Remember, a “mind is a terrible thing to waste.” All you young minds of today, it is my hope that you are successful in working through those tough arithmetic problems. Be sure to eat plenty of nuts and berries if such things are available to you.
The important thing to remember is your mind’s body works best when there is a steady flow of high energy nutrients. This does not mean caffeine, even though you know I love my coffee and tea.
Eating fruit and vegetables every few hours is beneficial for your brain, since you are wearing the thinking cap all day long.

What does this mean? Don’t you dare skip eating during lunch! Let me say this again; please don’t skip lunch.

Work hard to have a wonderful and successful school year!

Poem – A circle in a square

As we lay in our cribs,
What is this and what is that?

How do I make the sounds of mom and dad?

As we well past the toddler stage, why can’t I no longer suckle my baby bottle, it can’t be bad?

Stay away from this and stay away from that… Why? why? why? What is the catch?

The teen years go by like a blur, the facts and figures promotes us to say mom, dad, please not another question.

With another puzzled response, every family unit ask, are you sane? That line of reasoning makes me question in the same vein.

Oh come what may look how you have grown.

On graduation day you’ve grown this far, and my oh my you are shinning like a star.

Happenstance, you questioned your heritage, and the parents your sanity, but with the questions answered everything became clear

People long-lived say the only thing that is certain is change.

I say on this day in this frame, questions are a part of life and we should feel free to ask them.

My Dear, Answering questions shows respect and love; in which there is no fear.

Happy Graduation Day!

Kina Grannis Birds Shinning

Hi Perceptive Readers and music lovers; I hope this Kina Grannis Birds Shinning article will find you well or even super today! If you are not feeling as bright as you would like, then it is my wish to share with you something to lift your spirits.

Get Kina Grannis’ New album here

What a title huh? I first thought of two other titles before the one you clicked on to arrive here.
Kina Grannis 360
Kina Grannis Birds Singing

Then eureka! Kina Grannis Birds Shinning.
Kina seems to always be looking up to these delicate and strong creatures. Flying free in the air. Did you see the Songbird BTS video she made. Well, if not, here is one of the reasons for the post. It is to share Kina Grannis special Behind the Songs videos.

Behind The Songs Playlist

Before all the annual archiving, remember there are hundreds of more articles that are no longer on pocbooks.com. I used to write quite a bit on Kina Grannis’ career. In some ways, I looked at myself as a number 1 journalist (writer; as I continued to hone my skills) for this lady’s sweet bird song voice & musical interlude.

In addition, as you have heard me state this before:

“Over the years, this writer’s experience dealt in the relating of facts in real life scenarios and technology. When I placed the Product of Culture Brand aka POCBOOKS.com online back in 2010, it fulfilled my desire to share “Fictional Books of Another Kind.” Which allowed me to share the fun stories to the public that required you to think all the same.

In addition to the above, there are musicians mutually followed on social media at one time or another; in the process, I wrote articles and events about their music. It not only honed my skills as a writer but also as a podcaster. Still, the top reason is because I appreciate their God given talents. You will appreciate why Kina Grannis’ singing voice is appreciated by large audiences.”

Yes, this last decade has provided so much to my writing experience.
This, is my big thank you to Kina Grannis. I TOTALLY wish her all the best and warm regards; James (Author, Writer, and Owner of pocbooks.com)