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Enjoy these serious thoughts posted on Twitter October 12 and 13, 2020. They may resonate with you, more that you know. Either way, if you want me to expound further, then just ask and I will make it into a Perceptive Readers podcast. Have a thought-provoking day. Did you see the Huzzaz presentation on the Sages Quantum Poetry Page?

WHEN The Good Guys Act like the bad Guys

And the sincere stuck in the middle of the valley

The bad Guys act like the Good Guys.

All ascribing to this mess should be ashamed of themselves.

You don’t have to wait for a specific day to mete out justice.

When a child cries for milk, you feed the child.
You don’t say wait until payday which is days away.

You find someway to feed that child today.

Protecting people and property from harm is not an experiment. You don’t play with people lives like this. You can try and make it political all you want. Life isn’t what you are sneakily and coercely trying to make it. Especially with certain persons.

If someone treats you bad, just remember that there is something wrong with them, not you. Normal people don’t go around destroying others. – Quote

New Article and Podcast Against The Current Memory Legends
PerceptiveReaders · Against The Current Memory Legends
Masterminds in Tier Gaming

Have you ever been drafted into a game because someone placed you in it without your knowledge?

And the people you play against get to see every step you make and all your cards 24 hours a day. Very few people could deal with it 10 plus years.

Would you not say, “Oh, by the grace of the Grand One, I earned every penny of it, and my professional riches/crew

Think Billions to trillions 8TT
Humans are priceless”

Oh, and did I mention, you play(ed) against the smartest computers and minds in the world?

What a Story that would make?

What cracks you up at least for a few moments, is every single one of them get their technology upgrades & recreation everything at a snap of a finger, recuperating from the battles . While you don’t get the same perks. Its like you are using sticks & stones against their tech.

With that said, the maintenance on should be finished by this evening. Coffee and a Smile


Healthy Habits While Traveling 3 Quick Tips

This sharing informative tips and experience article is being restored from the archives. The original posting happened on December 4, 2017. Enjoy


The Mitch Fraker & Amy Schmittauer Presentation.
Are you a person who feels you should never take health for granted?
In order to enjoy all the food, toys, and travel expenses paid in the world, you know that cruise people love to take, we want to feel our best. Taking a few minutes, three minutes and forty-five seconds to be exact, to review these healthy habits while traveling tips will add value to your day.

More than 2000 people gained value from the linked video.

Mitch Fraker’s Experience

Mr. Mitch Fraker is a personal trainer and freelance model. He uses Social Media to promote his brand
Mitch on Instagram:

Amy Schmittauer’s (Landino) Experience

This quote from Jessamyn West, Social Media Marketing World, about Amy is one of my favorites.

“Amy is quite simply one of the most accomplished, professional and kind speakers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Because of her devotion to quality and a true passion for helping others, she has consistently delivered stellar presentations for Social Media Examiner, packed full of valuable knowledge and insight that is easy to follow and practical to implement. The feedback I have received from her peers and attendees alike has been glowing, both expressing that she is undoubtedly a presenter not to be missed. Her positive energy both online and in person is contagious and I very much look forward to working with her again.” – READ MORE

Amy has a new book! All that lake of experience is wrapped up in the made just for you, Vlog Like A Boss:


Why When and How to Say Thank you

This article was originally posted April 30 2013

At times today, people make jokes when someone expresses gratitude more than once for a kind deed. ‘It is not necessary’ they lighthearted responded.’ How do you feel about this? Is it necessary or not to say thank you one or more times for a kind act?

Here are three reasons why people express thank you

It shows you pay attention to what others do for you.

It shows you have a spirit that is willing to share something good with others; not just to the person looking at you in the mirror.

Saying thank you gives the individual a gift. Yes, a gift of appreciation.

Appreciation involves a person being in full awareness or understanding of something. How does it make you feel when you receive the gift of appreciation?

With the above knowledge, do you see why “Thank you” is needed in the world?

Granted, like with a lot of phrases, a person can go ‘overboard.’ When a person says it so much to an individual that the word “thank you” loses its value. Therefore, how can we not go to the edge and over when expressing this kind word of appreciation?

What about this scenario?

You meet a potential employer on a job interview. While shaking the manager’s hand express “Thank you for giving me this opportunity to meet with you.” When the employer reads through your skill set, and it is clear he or she is commending you on your abilities, allow for the interviewer to finish their statements; then respond with a thank you. Be sure to observe age differences. For example, teenagers (16 to 20) expressing ‘thank you Sir” to an older manager who is a male will show the interviewer you know how to address/approach customers in retail sales.

Point of note: What if the manager happens to be a woman you ask? Well, in this day and age, it may be best to say “thank you” Mrs. or Miss [Last Name]. When in doubt just say “thank you” without additional titles or pleasantries.

The expression “thank you Madam” has two meanings. One is a respectful/polite way in addressing a woman. The other definition gives a connotation western genre readers know pertains to a house manager of Ill-repute. Your goal is to show appreciation; not mistakenly give offense.

Back to the scenario

When the interview is over it is appropriate to say “thank you” once more whether they have offered the job to you or not. Why is this important?

Take note of these reasons

1) You may be a runner up for the position. If the primary person does not take the job offer, you will be first on their list to call.

2) Interviews may go so great that a shrewd employer will contact you with a different job offer. You may find it is even better than the one you interviewed for!

3) Do not burn bridges that you don’t have to burn.

4) Last but not least. Keep the bigger picture in mind. People are always developing themselves as cultural and dignified individuals. It is a worthy goal. Each job interview helps you to refine your skills on conversation with live people in your presence. Things you learn from one interview carries over to the next.

Saying “THANK YOU” and its counterpart “WELCOME” are pleasant words. Never may the meaning of such words be lost. It shows an appreciative spirit; a spirit of giving and receiving that is beneficial for all.


Penne Cole Social Sharing Thursday

Penne Cole loves good food at good deal prices ranges. Many of us have enjoyed her professional writing and traveling over the years. Since becoming a mother, Penne now shares a few adventures or stories about a family life filled with gratitude at:

The Perceptive Readers have referenced Penne’s website more than once on an annual basis. You may want to save it in your favorites or subscriptions.

If your interest peaks you to know about Penne’s professional side of things, check out the about page at her website

Penne Photography

In closing, I want to make you aware that Penne has an eye for photography as well as food. Here is the photo of a peaceful lake that is one of my favorites. In many ways to represents what the Product of Culture website is to me and quite a few others. Thank you so much Penne Cole, I and others truly value you forever.

Purpose of Social Media Sharing Thursday! POSTED OCT 7 2020

Do you remember these names and posts from last year?

Well, instead of Social Media Sharing happening in November this year, how about looking forward to starting today; on this Thursday?

I will post a video and Instagram link of a poet, artist, professional, graduating students, and yes, a paragraph or two why this video or instagram caught my attention.

Really, as you Perceptive Readers know, often we both notice the same interesting points and thoughts; even though we express it in different ways at times.

The Choices of Joy
These Social Sharing Thursdays were a highlight for many in the year of 2019. It ran for two months. Did Thursdays not cause your day to experience a deep thought, if not outright joy?

What a better reason to run it for 4 months starting here and now in September of 2020


Remember The Net Neutrality Cause and Effect

Dear Perceptive Readers, here is a December 2017 article from the archives for a hindsight learning 20/20 view. Are you seeing any cause and effect for the year 2020 from the decisions that were made about Net Neutrality? To gain wisdom from knowledge, remember you analyze the cause and effect in areas where there may not have been written or documented proof before.

Is Net Neutrality a Big Deal? From December 2017
ThioJoe feels Net Neutrality is a big deal.What do you think about this subject?You may wonder what the writer/owner of this website thinks about Net Neutrality?

If a person or company inquired, these assessments/statements below would come from an IT professional viewpoint.
These are just two thoughts that came to my mind several years ago when this discussion (seems like it is never ending) began.

1) WHAT REALLY are the benefits for bringing up this control topic? It also helps to see WHO stones are used to balance the scales, so to speak.2) Is this REALLY a serious problem, or should the final research/debate on this topic be thrown into this category?“If it is not broken, then don’t try to fix it.”

Think tanks and Decision makers use years of experience to know when to say when. Or as the expression goes, be careful, you may throw the baby out with the bath water.

Question for the Perceptive Readers: Can you illustrate a time when someone touched something or a situation that was proven to the facts working well (probably even great) at the time, then it fell apart?It is like shaking too much salt on food; better to be light-handed with the salt dispenser, than heavy handed. Inasmuch, the naturally grown flavor of fruits and vegetables will always be preferred(better) to the palate and health of the body, than a mismeasurement (mismanagement) of salt.

Thiojoe illustrates further why he states: Without Net Neutrality… The Internet Is Over

Is Net Neutrality a Big Deal? Hope This is a PSA on Net Neutrality is informative for you.Thiojoe stated in the video what you could do next to share your views about net neutrality to allow your voice to be heard. Of course, it is your decision; it is your choice.


The Bitchute Video Platform

Helpful Tips for The Bitchute Video Platform
Dear Perceptive Readers
In this informative post about the Bitchute video platform, I want to relate how and why the benefits of using it is just what you need in your careers and for instructional purposes.

At the very least, it is a viable additional platform for sharing to your present and future audiences.

Fair & Free
Firstly, the Bitchute terms and conditions state the following:
It is a peer-to-peer content sharing platform and associated services (collectively known as the “Service”)

Here are the pages to give attention when you visit the website.
What information does Bitchute collect
How they use the information
Here is Bitchute’s process for protecting information

“We adopt appropriate collection, storage and processing practices and security measures to protect against unauthorised access, alteration, disclosure or destruction of your personal information, username, password, transaction information and associated data stored on our Service.

Sensitive and private exchange between the Service and its Users happens over a SSL secured communication channel and is encrypted and protected with digital signatures.”

NOW Secondly, we talk more about the fair and free as stated above.
Can we be real; Perceptive Readers?
There are major platforms, as in media storage, livelihood (income creation) and communication sharing purposes, whose actions show negligence in applying their terms of usage and have let the (consumers/customers) people down. There are cases that show an outright biasness(bigotry in some views) to censor people who do not ascribe or subscribe to the thinking for a cause that is truly based on an individuals conscience(choice) to believe and participate or not to believe in action towards an ideology without molesting or censoring the law (principals as well) abiding citizen.

Yes there are people who have been secretly judged adversly and unjustifiably censored for years on these platforms, and in recent years deplatformed as the term is called or cancel culture. Terms like shadow-ban were created to explain the following:
It is when your posts and videos are not removed from a platform; however, the administrators of these platforms make sure your videos and promotions do not show up in algorithms, or are canceled, nor are your viewing stats accurately shown. Even your audio and digital publication are hidden away without your knowledge. Which for some, they have financially suffered as professions using quarterly business measurements bordering on if not outright criminality from these hidden decision makers and administrators. Respectfully, but with experience I’m saying, some of them show an immaturity that is incapable to carry out the position of authority they have been placed in, hence; the mean-spirited this shows in their decisions to censor and shadow ban reasonable people. e.g You can have thousands of people and subscribers viewing your video, and in your stats show a minimum to ‘0’ views.
Now, is that fair?
Consequently, some of these platforms have been free for years, but the decisions makers seem to now purposely make judgements that have caused them to lose their welcoming feeling of being fair.
Are YOU able to name some of these platforms in mind? I’m sure you can.
Bitchute Policy

Bitchute has been sticking to their standard operating policies that so far have promoted the view of the platform for being free and fair.

You can also support this platform with a donation(s) to help these hardworking professionals continue in their efforts of improvements on their media services.

Well Perceptive Readers, as always, allow the smile on your face and heart continue to shine forth. Hope this helps and Best Regards – Product of Culture website,


Taylor Davis Violin Lessons

Taylor Davis Violin Lessons & May It Be

A Social Sharing Thursday Featured October 1, 2020

There are characters that come to mind when I think about the violin. One being Sherlock Holmes, who is a more than brilliant detective created by Arthur Conan Doyle. You see, along with Sherlock’s solving crimes using forensic science and power of deductive reasoning, he needed ways to relax his complex mind. Sherlock, by playing the violin, his musical experience became a salve for his mind.

Taylor Davis’ Music is a pleasure and salve as well

You will find Taylor Davis grew up enjoying video games; to say it inspires her music today may still be an understatement.
However, you will find along with happy and thrilling tunes she plays in violin performances; Mrs Davis also exhibit the mind soothing salve skills of Sherlock Holmes if you can imagine. Listen to the song “Everlasting” and you will see what I mean.
Better yet, here is the video of a new cover release titled “May It Be” with Instrumental & Mix by @lukethomasmusic

Taylor Davis Violin Lessons
Did you enjoy the above video? Are you contemplating getting violin lessons from Taylor?
Well, for this Social Sharing Thursday, here are the links to her pertinent pages to get you started right away!

F A C E B O O K ➜

I N S T A G R A M ➜

T W I T T E R ➜

W E B S I T E ➜

P A T R E O N ➜

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Please email for business enquiries only:

The Choices of Sharing Joy

These Social Sharing Thursdays were a highlight for many in the year of 2019. It ran for two months. Did Thursdays not cause your day to experience a deep thought, if not outright joy? Welcome to the Autumn months of 2020
Have a wonderful day


Happy Painting Happy Writing Bonus Thoughts

Art and Writing oh what a feeling. Do you have a masterpiece in you?

In the Pocbooks update moment, we once talked about the Joy of Painting in Happy Painting Happy Writing! Today, on a Monday, I feel it is nice to not only restore this podcast back to its original place here on the website, in addition to recounting some of the happy thoughts from it. But guess what, there is a bonus with some people who shared their happy moments from the show.

The Joy of Painting

Someone who always seem to make things new and fresh!

Bob Ross, known as the Happy Painter; painted landscapes; mountain, streams, and the sky. This artist was certainly at the top of his craft; with such a pleasant quality of personality displayed in his skilled work. Here is what I mean:

You can quote me, “People who watched the show remembers the smooth sound and countenance of his voice.” You just ask them.

“He also possessed a beautiful way of teaching.” Yes, he made you feel like you could create a masterpiece.

Happy Writing

In the Happy Painting Happy Writing pocbooks update moment, I joined together the reasons why painting for some and writing for others makes us happy. Are you a person who sees the art in both and joy they causes people to feel? Listen to the podcast and you will appreciate the thoughts even more!

With writing, from non-fiction, to fiction, and science fiction; become absolutely enthralled at times! “That was a good book,” You say? “How in the world did you draw that,” You asked?

Whenever you are feeling a little stressed how about going back to your roots of what makes you happy?

Going back to the roots of what makes you happy like writing.

Whether you are writing or painting, by going back your roots of happiness in the unusual moments that work on sapping it away, you will be able to still state the following:

Hey, I’m cool

Hey, this is soothing

Hey I’m Going to be alright

As a Bonus for Happy Painting Happy Writing

Notice these persons of all different backgrounds and how they gained encouragement from Bob Ross, this Happy Painter.
Segment on Guesthouse

Imagine seeing the host of Guesthouse, Chrissy Costanza, and her guest Allie, getting into the spirit of Bob Ross’ Happy Painting. I have to hold in my laughter when I see what I’m calling the “Happy Bob Ross Dance” from Chrissy Costanza! No, I don’t think Mr. Ross ever danced like this, but I’m pretty sure “he would get a kick out of it.”

TikTok debut
— Alliestrasza (@Alliestrasza) September 23, 2020

Did you get a laugh from the above Dance, Then you also have to chuckle in this Twitter Share

We had a couple of Bob Ross’ (@Alliestrasza and @ChrissyCostanza) take over the #GuestHouse studio last week – VENN (@watchvenn) September 26, 2020

Phil Donahue Shares is Thoughts on the Happy Painter

Phil Donahue talks about the wonder and accessibility of the Bob Ross Method in this behind the scenes look from the documentary, Bob Ross: The Happy Painter.
Watch the full documentary here!

The Bob Ross Dream Nic Hankins

Nic Hankins, artist, keeps the wonderful talented skills, and dream, if you will, of Bob Ross fresh in mind for happy painters.

Hope you enjoyed this pleasant moment in history and art. Best wishes and happiness!


Social Sharing Thursday Sept 24

Perceptive Readers welcome once more to Thursdays Social Media Share Featured Pick

Social Media Sharing Thursday! POSTED Sept 24, 2020
Do you remember these names and posts from last year?

  • Social Media Sharing Pick Thursday Sage Innerarity
  • Social Media Pick Thursday James A Hill

You Are able To Visit Grinder_Mindset

Motivation Success Quotes

History of Social Media Sharing Thursday

Well, instead of Social Media Sharing happening in November this year, how about looking forward to starting today; on this Thursday?

I will post a video and Instagram link of a poet, artist, professional, graduating students, and yes, a paragraph or two why this video or instagram caught my attention.

Really, as you Perceptive Readers know, often we both notice the same interesting points and thoughts; even though we express it in different ways at times.

The Choices of Joy
These Social Sharing Thursdays were a highlight for many in the year of 2019. It ran for two months. Did Thursdays not cause your day to experience a deep thought, if not outright joy?

What a better reason to run it for 4 months starting here and now in September of 2020

The Links Posted

You will most likely see the choice shared early in the mornings and posted to the Product of Culture groups and Social Media throughout the day!

The Comments Section
The Sharing Social Media Thursday posted articles are designed to have the comments section left open.
“Be professional”
What do I mean by ‘be professional?’
Answer: When you are going on a job interview how do you principally prepare your mind in conversation and writing so the CEOs will understand where you are coming from?

It does not mean you are perfect but don’t you want to sound reasonable
And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Best Wishes, James Lynch
Owner, Writer, Poet and Podcaster of


One reason why I say Keep Doing The Best You Can

I posted this on Tuesday night for encouragement from experiences that have been in my personal diary for years. Sorry it got removed, it was not I who did it. Well see the facts. Anybody who tells you this is false, then they are probably the very ones who are cold-hearted to situations like this. They are also most likely liars and cowards as well to use gas-lighting techniques. You probably know more.

My Personal littleone note:
The person who loves you is willing to find different ways to accommodate & help you without causing any further harm.

Persons that insist you do something or place you in situations just to cause problems or for dishonest gain are missing or lacking…

For example, does a child have to forgive the person who raped(one time or ongoing) her or him?
Even when they are adults and develops a strong faith in God. It still does not mean they are healed from this trauma or ever will be on this side of the ‘system of things’

Yet, there have been some persons who actually will say “You don’t forgive that person and God won’t forgive you”

Fact: Jesus did talk about the importance of forgiveness.

Fact: Jesus also talked mercy, and love,
And as Lord of the Sabbath healed people and touched ones that even religious leaders would have stayed away from because of the written ‘law’

Here is the point. Eventually when we are healed in every way then we will also find the same way we are healed of sicknesses and things our bodies can’t do now, they will once again be able to then

Likewise with (the mind) psychological trauma
Do you think from what you read in the Good Book that Jesus would knowingly/purposely place that now grown adult in the same place with the person(s) who did this to her or him?

With that said, it is not our place to judge someone who is suffering from PTS, and the other psychological forms of such trauma in what these ones may/will have to do to take care of their ‘spiritual care’ This has always been the understanding of the Noble and Wise ones in ‘positions of trust’

Note: There are people who have forgiven from the heart even extreme circumstances like mentioned above.

When a person struggles it is still not our place to judge it is in the Grand Creator’s understanding and love.