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My name is James Lynch, author of the Product of Culture Trilogy

Audio books now available I) Who are the Colesmiths? March 2013
Audio books Release Date: II) Cases of Colesmith May 2013
Audio books in production III) The Final Exam

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An author who enjoys all the seasons if properly dressed for them. Born and raised in a balanced weather area, his outlook on matters is most things have their purpose. You just have to find where they fit. In other words, do not try to use tweezers to knock in a nail, or a hammer to fix reading glasses. His upbringing and constant truth seeking helps him to appreciate that most humans strive for fairness and balance. Whether you read his fictional books or poetry, at times you will pause, think, and meditate in order to pick up certain points. See for more audio books, paperback and kindle good reading material.

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