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Can’t Help Falling in Love (Kina Grannis)

Can’t Help Falling in Love – Piano Version ( Kina Grannis )

Can’t Help Falling in Love. Your First Experience

If you have more than several decades of life’s music listening experience, then Can’t Help Falling In Love could still be as popular to your hearing receptors just as it was when released back in 1961. The movie Blue Hawaii, in which the song is featured, kept the nostalgia feeling for Elvis Presley (Movie starring actor and singer) over the next decade at least; in which the film continued to be television broadcasted around happy times of the year.  I realize the nostalgia effect remarks about Elvis Presley is an understatement.

What about this Second Experience?

In the year of 2017, You Enjoyed Can’t Help Falling In Love a Classic Sang by Kina Grannis’ beautifully textured voice.  (Link to the song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyoAsprwDRc )

The Piano and Singing Composition Experience

What a way to experience such a classic song in the form of a threefold rainbow; as you contemplate the sounds of culture. Elvis experienced the love from millions of people. The song Can’t Help Falling In Love played a role in revealing the dichotomy (Observable Difference) style of the man Elvis Presley. From being a hard rocking roller to being a soulful crooner; he would sing and perform with exuberance style. Elvis also went through some of life’s complicated scenarios that at times took their toll on him mentally and physically. He now rests in peace (Died in 1977).

His music lives on.

Please enjoy now Kina Grannis’Can’t help falling in love singing and piano version of this classic song.

Can’t Help Falling in Love Piano Version


Would you like to know more about Kina Grannis’ music?

Kina Grannis has released The Living Room Sessions Vol. 3

You will enjoy this listing, along with collaborations and more on the new EP

– All I want (Collab Kate McGill)

– Burn (The Grannis Sisters Emi and Misa)

– Riptide (Jesse Epstein)

The Living Room Sessions Vol. 3 Stores

  1. Itunes
  1. Spotify

Here are three locations you can find out more about this talented musician’s projects.

Kina Grannis YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/kinagrannis

Kina Grannis Instagram https://www.instagram.com/kinagrannis/


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