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Call it the Chainsmokers Paris FUNK REMIX feat. Kina Grannis

Your ears will call it the Chainsmokers Paris FUNK REMIX feat. Kina Grannis!
‘Paris.’ This song just has a nice hook to it does it not?

The Chainsmokers and The Popular Song “Paris.”

In the large selection of persons who have covered this Chainsmokers’ song, I have yet to hear an off-key version of it. Now, this does not mean there isn’t a version out there that could use some improvement; but here is the main point, Kina Grannis’ version is not one of them.

This is what the musicians’ funk crew had to say about the experience working with Kina Grannis.
“How amazing is Kina’s voice?!?! How lucky is Scary Pockets that we got to collab with her?!?! And now our turn to answer a question: is Kina THAT kind and awesome in real life? The answer is YES. Kina!!! THANK YOU for collabing with us. It was a sheer joy. We feel so lucky to have gotten the opportunity to play music with you. Pure joy!”

Paris - The Chainsmokers - FUNK REMIX feat. Kina Grannis

You can see for yourself; Kina Grannis brought the funk and the stepping swag smoothness performance to this music video she collaborated with these musicians:

Bass: Sam Wilkes
Drums: Rob Humphreys
Vocals: Kina Grannis
Guitar: Ryan Lerman
Keys: Jack Conte
Recording Engineer: Pete Min

Produced, mixed, mastered, and edited by Scary Pockets.

After this music video, in the next section, you will find out more on Jack Conte’s band and projects. And of course, links to Kina Grannis’ new music projects!

Here you go!

The Chainsmokers Paris FUNK REMIX feat. Kina Grannis

The Chainsmokers Paris FUNK REMIX feat. Kina Grannis

Jack Conte

Did you know the following facts about the man of ingenuity and musical talent in Jack Conte? Well, check out his website and contact information.
“Half of Pomplamoose, CEO & Cofounder at Patreon, Musician, Producer.”
“I make music in my home studio and post it here for you to enjoy. No labels, no publishing companies, no intermediaries. Every tune you buy helps me make more music, so I really appreciate the support! It’s because of you guys that I get to keep recording and playing music, so I am forever grateful to my awesome fans!” – Jack Conte

Kina Grannis and Your Music Label!

Kina Grannis made an announcement on April 7, 2017, that brought a smile to people faces around the globe. Find out what “YOU are my RECORD LABEL” means!

You can join the label by becoming a Patron right here on this page. https://www.patreon.com/kinagrannis

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