Bosses and Culture

Bosses and Culture? Kally knows

Bosses and Culture is of interest to working people. Western lands employ more industrial and corporate means in society.  The agricultural days, when most people had a farm or knew someone who had one are now over.  What’s the difference? Cities have become bigger while people have become less familiar with their social surroundings.  Who is this person sitting beside me in this new world? When you have never seen or heard of this person before, you may then ask,  “What is my boss’ background or culture?”  They are in most cases wondering, “ How will his or her background affect me?”

Kally writes on this subject in Different Culture, Different Bosses

You will see my comments in purple.  Below is not the whole article in its entirety. By all means read Kally’s whole article for yourself.

Bosses and Culture? Kally knows

Different Culture, Different Bosses – MiddleMe

Different Culture, Different Bosses I had my fair share of working with superiors from many different countries due to different job scope and different companies. The common ones are Singaporeans (which is not surprising, given that it is my home country).- Kally

‘Singaporean bosses are somewhere in between Western culture and traditionally conservative…’

Kally goes on to explain this point of interest in the article: ‘Singaporean bosses are somewhere in between Western culture and traditionally conservative’

  • Malaysians- ‘Very friendly bosses too, very similar to Singaporean bosses’

Kally states there is not much opportunity for career growth

  • Indonesians – These next thoughts are ones that will make you raise an eyebrow. However, you most likely realize Managers and HR departments have to make decisions like these all the time.

Pretty nice and friendly as colleagues however as a boss, I find that they tend to be easily distracted and short-sighted in terms of goals for the company and for themselves.

With the above bosses and culture excerpts commented on, you as a perceptive reader are able to assume this about Kally. She is using her professional point of view almost as one researching a candidate for a job with no malice intent. (FYI Today they sometimes call this making sure the candidate is right for the culture.) Kally is a nice person. Yes, she is direct and firm when necessary, but she does appreciate people and culture Are you ready for more quotes without my interruptions.

  • Chinese ‘These group, I’m referring them from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. No doubt, they are different countries but hold many similarities in cultures. The managers tend to focus a lot on productivity and are super ambitious.’
  • Israelis ‘I love working with them. They are miser and often money pinching but if you have a great idea, no matter how crazy it is as long as it doesn’t cost them too much money, they will support you and your ideas. Their brains are best for picking on innovative ideas, nothing seems to be impossible for them (well, except asking for a pay raise…).’
  • Australians ‘They are very laid back but they are very egotistic as well (at least, the guys) and can be territorial about their space, both office, and career. But when they play, oh boy, can they be competitive!’
  • Americans ‘Different behaviors reflect which territories they come from but generally, they are nice and friendly, sometimes overly friendly. They tend to like staff who are very vocal, directive and goal oriented. They like being pointed out they are wrong and open to being challenged.’
  • British ‘Compared to the Americans, they are more reserved. However, do not make the mistake of their silence for submissiveness. That definitely they are not. When they voice out their opinions, they tend to not beat around the bush and direct to the point. If you have a weak heart and thin skin, you might not take their brashness that well.

‘As usual, this is my experience, I’m not sure if it reflects correctly on your experience…’

Well readers, if you have any thoughts on this report feel free to comment. This Bosses and Culture article is to highlight since there are all sorts of people that we know, work with and love, it helps to know just how diverse some of our styles happen to be. Especially in the workplace. Anyone of the mentioned above traits, personality, or supervising styles can be found in the bosses we encounter. Thank you, Kally, for sharing this report!


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