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Book Reviews-So Makayla Tell us how You really Feel!

Dear Readers and Listeners,

A few of you are familiar with Makayla’s poetry. She is not a loss for words when talking about the value and devaluing of friendships in her writings. This Young Minds of today features 1 of 2 YouTube Videos made by Makayla and her friend. A book review for the Product of Culture Trilogy. This Young Mind makes her point in under 2 minutes. You will appreciate the brevity.

On the YouTube site, there is a link to Makayla’s other video. It is an audiobook review on Lee Alan’s reading of Who are the Colesmiths? Prior articles share the reason for us partnering together to create the Product of Culture Trilogy in audio books formats.

Be sure to give Makayla’s Book Review videos a thumbs up on the YouTube site will you?

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