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From the July 2015 archives of James Lynch’s writing Bloglovin Benefits and Geek Brain

Bloglovin’ is a tool I use to keep up with all my favorite blog posts. For a site like Geek Brain Dump, with its daily stream of new articles from the writers here, it makes sure I receive highlighted notifications via the Bloglovin website and the phone app of newly posted articles.
It places the RSS Feeds preview of each new headlined blog article and places it in an organize squared\rectangle layout. See sample and take a look at the like and red heart and share choices for your favorite articles. Your likes and shares matter!
Have you noticed the interesting articles being shared here at Geek Brain Dump? They range from all things technical in the reviews, articles, and how-to. If you do not want to miss one article, Bloglovin’ will even send you a digest at the end of the day.
This is how I keep up with the latest on this website.
Account Setup
In order to set up your account, just go to and click on the sign up button.
After you quickly setup your account through Facebook or e-mail profile, look to the “Search blogs” feature and type in Geek Brain Dump. The website will show up before you even finish typing it.
Select and press the follow button. It will add Geek Brain Dump to your feed.
Hope this makes managing your feeds easy.

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