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“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” –

Who Said This Quote?

Welcome to the Pocboks Bitchute videos page. As you look below, you will notice the commentary and creative expressions over the past year posted there. There are some videos that are not posted on other platforms. By all means, subscribe to the Perceptive Readers channel at Bitchute.

It is my hope that will one day get API access so I can make presentations using the Bitchute platform in the future.

Dance Like Everyone is Watching

There are times when you feel alone just as well there are times you need to be alone. During such times you can still mature your mind and understand why you feel the way that you do about life’s growing pains.

Enjoy the Duckling To a Swan on Soundcloud

She Walks With Confidence

School Attenders

Remember, a “mind is a terrible thing to waste.” All you young minds of today, it is my hope that you are successful in working through those tough arithmetic problems. Be sure to eat plenty of nuts and berries if such things are available to you.

Welcome Students in September

Science on The Prolonged Wearing a Mask – The Report

You can develop many skills; just make sure to practice. Since we are made up differently, there are some roles that just won’t play to your strengths and happiness.

Animals and Shepherd Story

Krispy Kreme Me and My Coffee Best Friend

Madilyn Bailey once said on Social Media that she always try to spread love and positivity in the world.

Madilyn Bailey Speaks “Wiser” in Love

A Fathers Love Poetry

Hello Everyone, Twitter & Facebook Contacts, No one likes to be taken for granted wouldn’t you agree? And with that being said, know that I thank you for your support this past year.

Gratitude for Twitter and Facebook Contacts

More Featured Bitchute and Website Quotes This Weekend

Are there times love needs courage? Here is one example that will not quickly melt away in your mind.

Why Love Needs Courage-Article Podcast

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