Big Thinking SURVEY

HERE is a Big Thinking SURVEY Imagine meeting a person and you both get along wonderfully. But like in the Cinderella story, the person is surrounded by persons who are jealous of her/him. 

Big Thinking SURVEY – Cinderella

  • Do you think you could be a strong friend for a person in the Cinderella circumstances? 
  • A) What challenges would you face? 
  • B) How would you overcome the challenges? 
  • Or would you give up? Please post your important opinion/feedback in the comments

“Often the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ are born the purest of souls knowing the true awareness of peace

In a world that doesn’t” – Product of Culture

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Product of Culture Excerpt from the archives

Hope you will enjoy this selected quote from archives:

Deciding to strengthen your passwords for a lot of people is an exercise on the brain. It takes you back to the days when revising\memorizing for an exam was not an option; but still brought about the needed results for life. High school students may be shaking their heads at the moment, “You can say that again.” Though it may be an unwelcoming brain exercise, it brings a measure of peace and security all the same for you, knowing it would take more than one super person or computer to figure it out. – Why Strengthen Your Passwords