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Best iPhone 6 Features-Why I Finally Got a Smartphone

Best iPhone 6 Features
Also, Why I Finally Got a Smartphone.

If the top title were to be typed into any search engine, you would likely see page after page of tech articles explaining the features of apple’s latest smartphone, many of which you may never use. I know such is the case with me. In fact, until about a month ago, I had been a faithful user of the archaic flip phone. I was completely fine with it. I was fine with using the keypad for texting. I was fine with not having the internet on my phone at a moment’s notice. I was even fine with the ridicule I received from many people (even senior citizens) about how behind the times I was. So what moved me to finally upgrade, and what features do I enjoy using on my newest tech gadget?

Best iPhone 6 Features Let me start off by saying that I was perfectly fine with a flip phone. It worked and was inexpensive. My monthly rate was $25 with at&t, and the service was fine. Until I learned about a service called Consumer Cellular. With the amount of usage my phone got, I would only have a bill of $10 per month. Sounded good to me. Then the phone arrived. It was bulky, overly rounded (slipping out of my hands easily when opening), and noisy. I usually keep my phone on vibrate only, but this flip phone insisted on making noises when I hung up whether it was on vibrate only or not. Should I consider upgrading to a smartphone? Consumer Cellular had a limited selection of flip phones, and now, so does everyone else. Another factor I had to consider was my iPod touch. Apple had not updated it since the 5th generation, and it may not get updated anytime soon, if ever. I started to figure: I could either buy another flip phone (which I may or may not be able to silence completely) and deal with my outdated iPod touch or I could get an iPhone 6. I went for the iPhone. For about $30 dollars per month, I was able to get a plan that gave me unlimited talk and text, and 1.5gb of LTE data from Consumer Cellular.

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Best iPhone 6 Features After having my phone for a month, I have made use of many features that I did not read about prior to purchasing my phone. Many of these features I am sure are on many different smartphones and not just the iPhone. For instance, one of the standout features that I found was the ability to put my phone on vibrate only, and actually have it make no noises aside from the vibration. Also, being able to have my entire texting conversation displayed on one screen, opposed to searching through text messages individually. The voicemails being displayed on a list so I can choose which ones to listen to rather than having to listen through all of them has been useful. The cellular data has come in handy as well. Since I was already an apple affectionado, the iPhone has been particularly useful for me.

My Best iPhone 6 Features

Some of the features that are unique to the iphone that I like after entering my Apple ID:

• Having my music, movies, and tv shows library on my phone

• Having my contacts imported (so useful)

• Use of airplay with Apple TV (using the TV as a display when playing media on my phone)

All in all, I am very happy with my purchase. The iPhone is certainly a very stable device, and Consumer Cellular has been a great carrier. It is a shame that the options for those who still like simple (dumb) phones are dwindling, but that is no doubt due to a huge decline in demand. I am sure that I will continue to find new ways to use my device, and will probably grow in my appreciation for it, but as of right now, I am simply happy to have a phone that works the way I want it to. –Writer  B. L.

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