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Because He Knows|Poems of Reality

Is it because my nature made me feel like the smallest drop of dew? – No one knew

Are there major populations in this moment of time treating life’s worth as a monetary share? – No one cares

Scattered and alone I fight with my daily battles; so, so many, never are they few. – No one knew

Decisions upon Compromised effects have left me in despair. – No one cares
Then, I heard a Word from the distance; the condition of a person inside. This is the way to go. – Could he actually know?

Speaking to the crowds about a personal NAME, about Love, True Justice, and the ability to be Fair. – Could he really care?

My strength is not enough to withstand the onslaught of the battles; to and fro. -Could he actually know?

Help I call out for in my time of despair. – Is there anyone that cares?

Because He knows, I have approached closer to hear. His attention to my presence told me, “I have nothing to Fear.”

Because He knows, a NAME is more powerful than others.
“Do not be confused by the wannabe’s clutter.”

Because He knows, I cannot lift this mountain myself.
He held out his hand, “You are not by yourself.”

Because He knows, it is time for me to have implicit Trust in the One
Who Knows and Truly Cares. This is enough for me to listen some more; for such knowledge is knocking on my heart’s door.



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