Auld Lang Syne

Sydney & Caitlin continues to show with the a cappella version of Auld Lang Syne why they are Facing West! See if you learn something new this year about the song.
Auld Lang Syne a cappella by Facing West
A 2 sister songstress group with the budding potential to sing and perform all kinds of great music!
Though the song has found it’s calling of remembrance by people singing it at the end of each year, this was not originally its place in culture.
This poem was written by Robert Burns in 1788 to reminisce about past times with real friendships. Lest we never forget them.   In the last century, when people used to retire from companies they had worked for 30 or more years, at the retirement party, after receiving a watch or some jewelry, their co-workers  sang this song with spirit to this honored and valued (retired) employee.
From the cleaning crews, to the company’s supervisors; YES, they were days of honoring a co-worker and friend. How such moments are retained in our hearts and minds for we do not want to forget… Hence, we Auld Lang Syne.
 Facing West Music
Hope you enjoyed this version a cappella by Facing West Music!