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Arianna Morgan the Singer with a Philanthropist Touch

Can a 14-year-old singer like Arianna Morgan be a philanthropist? Even at the young age of 10 in one interview, (The Musical Gift in Arianna Morgan http://pocbooks.com/musical-gift-arianna-morgan-music-feature/ ) Arianna stated, “Like all artists I would love my music to bring peace and harmony in all countries and to people of all faiths, race, color and creed. “

Do you see the warmness of her little heart in that statement? Yes, a small fire was already lit within her. Of course, due in no small part to her parent’s upbringing. Over the course of 4 years, they have traveled and performed in the causes of charitable fundraising events.

Arianna Morgan’s Heart

This 2015 summer alone, Arianna has been regularly performing on the weekend since school holidays began. On 2 occasions live in front of an audience of 30,000.

● She is also the youngest ever ambassador for the Princes Foundation for Children and the Arts.

● Arianna has received the Jack Petchey Achievement Award.

Arianna has continued to reach out to others through the music in her heart and with a desire to help others. All the while realizing the importance of family and staying grounded. Do you think the world will hear more from this up and maturing songstress?

You can find Arianna Morgan’s Youtube Channel here.


You can also be informed of future events on her Facebook page




Arianna’s Father cannot speak about his daughter without smiling. Check out his Social Media accounts and you will most likely agree. When a person displays a love for humanity, it just warms the heart. Yes, with Arianna Morgan’s music and her wishing you the best outlook, it causes the listeners also to wish her the best. Arianna is the young singer with a philanthropist’s touch.

Here are references to show why this article states Arianna Morgan’s activities displays Philanthropy.

Giving, Charity, Philanthropy – Is there a Difference?

Andrea McManus is President of The Development Group in Calgary.  A leader in the nonprofit sector locally, nationally and internationally, Andrea was the first person outside of the United States to hold the position of Chair of the International Board (2011-12) of the Association of Fundraising Professionals(AFP).

Andrea McManus states: “Webster’s defines philanthropic as “dispensing or receiving aid from funds set aside for humanitarian purposes” and philanthropy as “goodwill to fellowmen—an active effort to promote human welfare.”  Where in here, or in any other definition for that matter, does it define philanthropy by the dollar amount?  Isn’t philanthropy defined by values such as caring, sharing, giving back, change-making and many others?  Isn’t my $100 gift to a cause that I appreciate and care about a philanthropic act that advances the mission?”

The above statement makes sense. Do you agree? Notice how Andrea McManus concludes the article:

“We know that people in higher income brackets generally give a lesser percentage of their income to charity than people in lower income brackets.  So that $100 gift for me could very well be a greater chunk of change and sign of commitment than $100,000 from someone else.  And the desire to make change, help others in need, give back or pay forward is not dependent on the number of zeros on the check (stick with Canadian spelling).  It is defined by your personal act of philanthropic giving.

So please, the distinction between “charity” and “philanthropy” is insulting and we should stop it.  Every gift counts!  Every donor counts!” ‘

Source: http://www.afpnet.org/ResourceCenter/ArticleDetail.cfm?ItemNumber=17586

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