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Are You Too Young to Show Leadership Qualities Now?

Leadership Qualities questions for youth to contemplate when analyzing personal growth.   Have you experienced difficulties with making decisions when others are involved? Do you feel timid contemplating the prospect of being given the position “team lead?”

Imagine seeing someone recently turning twenty-one being a supervisor. As an example, take a look around McDonalds the next time you pay it a visit. At a quick glance you will see young people managing orders, cash registers, and showing good customer service skills. Are you one of them? How would what you all ready know help you in becoming a team lead?

Leadership Qualities

You may ask: “What are the traits of a good leader anyway?”

Ask and you shall receive; the subject will be simplified in 5 steps. See the general makeup of persons who are able to wear the mantle of team lead in a variety of workplace environments. Do you work in quick service restaurants where you are part of a team consisting of 1 to 10 people? Has trust been placed in you often to lead the team? Whether you are in such a position or not, observing such traits fall into the category of helpful things would you agree?

What types of traits do leaders display? It may be overwhelming to carry out the team leader role at first; yet, you can do it by analyzing traits that make a good leader.

Unhumorously, if you are mature enough to get the job, then you are ready to cultivate and display leadership qualities at a young age!

Take a look at the points below and picture yourself acting out these qualities.

1) Leaders do not procrastinate; in fact, they are the ones who set the mission for everyone else. How can a team act upon a mission they never received? Yes, they take the first steps to get the ball rolling.

2) Leaders often will initiate conversations, set up appointments, etc… All with the goal in mind of accomplishing clear cut directives. The directives could pertain to organizing big events or in routine matters assign who on the team locks the store doors every night. Can you see yourself talking to someone just to help them feel comfortable with a job?

3) Leaders often take the big picture and break them down into manageable parts for the team to carry out. After the team receives such direction, this brings up a very important step mentioned in number 4.

4) Leaders take an interest in the team to such an extent that they provide them with encouragement and the tools to accomplish the task. A leader normally takes on a team co-worker role to fulfill this. If they are not able to do this personally, they provide someone with the right training to keep their investment thriving. Here is an additional note. This becomes more challenging the bigger the team; however, shrewd business owners will most likely start you off with a small team of 1 to 10 individuals.

5) Leaders recognize perception plays a big factor in getting things done. They have to believe and show integrity to the company’s mission which is to be implemented by their leadership. The team will be strengthened by the cheerful confidence you show in the company. It can even immunize the team from faltering in a task when the perception is they have a strong leader. This is really important when on a team with individuals who are much older than you. Positively keep in mind even the mature older ones will respect the maturity you display.

Supervisor giving you commendation for good work!

Do you like the traits mentioned above? Even the shyest of individuals show leadership qualities. A word to the wise, keep in mind that all the leadership qualities in the world will not benefit you and others fully if there is lack of concern for people. People are such wonderfully made creations. People are not just numbers or statistics on your team; keeping such factors in mind refrains a leader from treating humans as such. It also helps the leader to view themselves as part of a team. The team will come to view him or her not only as a team member, but a co-worker! With a humble leader like this wouldn’t you enjoy being on his or her team? Then watch as the team you belong to accomplish many tasks. Another cause for celebration will be observed as your team members in due course take on leadership roles and move around in the company.

Leadership and Cooperation is found in diverse backgrounds with a common Goal

Youths are you too young to show leadership qualities now? If you think positive and put into action what a good leader does, combined with humility and a genuine interest in people; then you know there is a leader in you.




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