Arden Cho Reflection in Disappointment and Friendship

A Perceptive Readers Reference Article on Disappointment and Friendship

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Arden Cho Reflection in Disappointment & Friendship 

A) Here are the beginning expressions from Arden Cho’s blog article

Disappointment & Friendship

SEPTEMBER 05, 2017

Last week I shared about the disappointment I felt in my life. Since then my inbox, comment section and phone has been filled with so much love and encouragement. There is no doubt that I have love, friendship, family and support in my life, but it also got me thinking… What led me here?

After reading Arden’s thoughts, these are my comments made at the East of Arden Website:

B) Arden Cho Reflection in Disappointment & Friendship — “Perceptive Readers Podcaster Comments”

“Hi, Arden. Enjoyed your articles as always.
Arden, yes love everyone. All the same, there are different types of love, the same as varying levels of friendships. For example, care givers will caringly take care of a person due to a love of humanity and love in principle for them; realizing the person who’s ill is just truly limited in what responses of love they can give back, if at all. Yet they may still view that person in need as a friend.

However, in observation, the problem comes in when the “takers” hide their intentions and regularly claim that they are your FRIEND. Then place emphasis on you to not expect anything back from them. Well, as you experienced, does it endear you to that person enough to love them more deeply like a TRUE BEST FRIEND?

It is a sad thing when such ones try to change the narrative/meanings and behavior/actions of a TRUE friend.

All the same, when “burnout” happens, depending on a person’s circumstances (physical, mental makeup,) they may have to move on in other ways. Who am I to judge? Especially, if the person according to their feelings experienced too many pleas for help that went ignored. Again, Who am I to judge?
Do you appreciate what that does to a person?

Hence, can a person expect someone to keep loving them in a viable expansive way when he or she makes a practice of “holding back good when it is in their power to do it”?

I ask you today, Do you want to go through life not expecting anything from anyone?

Then truly I tell you today, the richness and deepness(love) of friendship comes about from reciprocated love.
Mistreatment/abuse can/will cause a person to fall out of love with the friendship, so to speak, experience burn out.

Last but important. Keep focused on getting to know the Grand Creator and do the best you can. Do you not expect God to be fair? Do you not expect him to feel love and mercy for you when you are trying your best?
On the other side of the friendship, doesn’t God hope all to respect his feelings and his name eventually?

Then experience a richness that a TRUE BEST FRIEND gives with healing and “perfect gifts” where he adds no pain with it.

Kind regards Arden, ME
P.S. I think you will understand where I’m personally coming from in my personal writings.”

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