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Arden Cho A Professional Brand with Coolness

Arden Cho A Professional Brand with Coolness

Arden Cho A Business Woman Cool as Time


Arden Cho has taken her education, business sense, and culture into occupations where she could accomplish goals.  Though Arden Cho is well – known for her beauty, interested people learn from her endeavors and daily life as a high brand of value by using her brain smarts to adapt and make optimal decisions.

This is a particular article to inform you of Arden Cho as a company name. Her distinct skills and products could be the ones you have been looking for, and so it is the aim of this article to inform you of what is available in Arden Cho’s brand.

The Personality and a Summertime Coolness

Some of Arden’s interviewed expressions intimates her vulnerability and sensitivity to insecurities. However, as you know, in the character of humans, we possess a rainbow of emotions and strengths. Fans have come to appreciate Arden Cho’s personality and resume with the “Hey; she is cool.” Therefore, it is fitting to listen to the Time’s  song, “Cool” before hand. Why?  Because when Arden Cho’s brand is on a roll, and is in the Summer time season of hot, she also brings the coolness!

Introducing: Alissia – COOL by The Time Cover


Arden Cho A Professional Brand with Coolness  – Spotlights

Spotlight 1: Arden Cho’s Background and Culture
Arden was born in Amarillo, Texas to Korean-American parents.  Her younger brother is Jason Cho.

She enrolled in the  University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign where she majored in psychology.

It may be no surprise to you that Arden Cho  won the Miss Korea Chicago competition in 2004.

Arden has also taken drama classes, and she continues to train her voice to deliver the sounds of the soul for your pleasure.  You can check out more of her music on YouTube.


Modeling Contracts
Arden, over the years, has acquired prestigious contracts and appearances. Here are a few listed:
Reebok Korea
Nike Japan
Alexander McQueen
Purple Fashion
Nylon Magazine.

Spotlight 2: Arden Cho The Model & Business Woman

Go to MONOCHROME STYLE – 5 Easy Looks

Arden Cho A Professional Brand with Coolness  – Video highlighting clothes and watches


Arden wants you to be in the know

Arden Cho A Professional Brand with Coolness – Arden’s Statement

“You guys know I love black, here are some of my favorite go to looks in my closet. I’ll try to blog about the looks as well next week!”

“Go check out my full collection of watches as well! (This is NOT sponsored just sharing what I’ve been working on and designing! We are a tiny indie company so we need all the love we can get!)”
Pocket watch – PROSPECT https://leonardandchurch.com/collections/prospect/products/prospect-black
Ladies Mercer – https://leonardandchurch.com/collections/mercer/products/mercer-silver

Video by Eunice Lee https://www.instagram.com/eunibugg/

Stay connected with me Chosens!


Music: Alvy – Alchimie Pt. 2 Majestic Color https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Qgo7NWf87A&index=5&list=PLGznEl712WekDoVkJ7K-HElMXpbltvjXYJ

Leonard & Church – Be Professional Be Ready

“When good fortune shakes your hand, Every man should have a fine watch. It reveals your respect of time
Where is a great place to start?
Leonard & Church
https://leonardandchurch.com/collections/men” – POC

Arden Cho A Professional Cool as Time – Keep her in the Rolodex.

Arden Cho A Professional Brand with Coolness


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