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Appreciation for Reading is Great

Appreciation for Reading; You hear people talk about appreciation quite a bit. They appreciate each day with a measure of life’s vitality.

All the ones in their circle who enrich the value of everything they do just by being around them. It’s like if you are baking a regular tasty pound cake, here they are to place the icing on it —maybe some fruit as well. Strawberry cheesecake comes to mind.

Some just got an idea for a treat or dessert for after dinner tonight.

Appreciation for Reading is Great

Just like dessert, reading after dinner is also a great treat for your mind. Sure, you may be thinking about taking a nap depending on the meal size. Or it could be a television show time. When you have used your brain all day, it is well deserved ‘veg’ out time you looking for in the evening.

No one is saying you deserve less otherwise.
Hence, these are still thoughts on how your appreciation of reading can be enjoyed in the same amount of time as any meal.

High school students, how long does it takes you to eat a bowl of fruit and cereal in the mornings?

Sidenote: Cornflakes and bananas always come to mind for many adults.
It goes without saying, some students seem to inhale their breakfast within seconds! Well maybe we better move to another meal for the time frame example.
How about lunch? Less than twenty minutes you say?
Okay, what about dinner? Less than 30 minutes are your thoughts?
Sounds good

So somewhere between a few seconds to thirty minutes you can read something that will be like icing on the cake for your mind. Do you have any hard cover or paperback books in your abode?

The library will also have something for you to hold between your hands and eyes as you periodically sip on hot cocoa and read.

Topics you are interested in other than math in the evening could be just what your mind is craving for a few moments.

What do you like to read about?

Can you find a few minutes to read each day something you know will enrich your mind with the taste of a dessert feel to it?
Who knows, it may still be technical or spiritual.
Hence, the question is put forth again. Do you have a few moments of time each day to feed your mind on a book?
Have a pleasant day and keep your appreciation of reading.

Coffee and Fun Conversation

This information is from a 1983 song titled Yah Mo B There by James Ingram and Michael Mcdonald. Yah is a shortened form of Yahweh, which means God’s Name in Hebrew. So the title literally means “God will be there” and is interpreted as “God be with you.”

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