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An Equestrian Channel Worth Checking Out

Gracie An Equestrian Channel Worth Checking Out

Greetings Perceptive Readers! In the spirit of Horses Like Dale have Personalities, an informative interview I had with Lauren some years ago. The Product of Culture website is now sharing information about Gracie, another equestrian, during the teenage years. This equestrian channel is such a neat brand. You are certainly encouraged to check it out with friends and family.

Over the past year, her fellow equestrians and social media followers have laughed, cried, and laughed some more with Gracie and her best friends, a Connemara gelding named Dan. She also has another Connemara named Prince. The Connemara breed originated in Ireland. They are athletic, with a good, you may say funny disposition. You have to hear Gracie pronounce Prince’s name. It sounds like Prin – cee

Pony Nuts is the Youtube Equestrian Channel

Gracie shares her shows and neat adventures in the life of an equestrian on YouTube. The Product of Culture website shares below four videos that shows you why this website features her videos through the year.

Gracie, Dan and Prince are:

i. Skilled & professional

ii. Thoughtful & passionate

iii. Humorous and in the rhythm

Pony Nuts Instagram Equestrian Channel – Sharing is Caring

After you enjoy the videos; you will be doing yourself a favor by subscribing to her channels and sharing them with other minds like yourself. Do you agree? Well, since you do, just click on any video or instagram picture to be transported.

Have a Super Day!

Gracie walks you through the after school routine with her horses. You see her grooming and feeding them. Gracie talks about safety as well in this video and the positive affirmations for the good they do in and out of training. Notice her reasons for doing this.  Get Ready & Ride With Me // After School Riding Routine // GoPro

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