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To This Day-Not Allowing Pain to Turn into Pride

To This Day

L. I. F. E. spells life.
It is filled with ups and downs
Highs and Lows.

Some make it while shouting I did it!
While others struggle from one hour to the next.
There is hurt. There is pain.
Watching a person experience the depths of mental trauma is heart wrenching.
The gentlest of people can at times react abruptly by the experience.

Pain not addressed produces anger.
Anger in return produces pride.
Then for that once gentlest of humans their:

 Pain becomes Their Pride and Their Pride is in Their Pain

How and when does it start?
Many do not know.
So they turn to Poetry and live in a very real show.

The poetry of Shane Koyczan: To This Day has thoughts and feelings articulated in a way that calls out and yes harkens for  answers!
A better future has to and will happen for tender-hearted ones.
Where do his thoughts come from?  Do you say:”This is who I am”

To This Day from To This Day on Vimeo.

You Tender Hearted Ones will you try once more?
Stand up now and open the door?
Whether someone understands you or not this could be the case.
But it is still you; yes, flawed as us all, who makes an accounting to the Supreme One’s Face

Learn better ways it does not matter if they ridicule and laugh.
You keep walking along the RIGHT path.

Your endeavors will not always meet with grief and pain.
Working towards positivity and goodness will pay off all the same.
Do not allow your pain to become your pride or your pride in your pain.

Perceptive Readers Culture:  Giving a Grade on Culture

P.S. May each of us keep our minds sharp and our hearts gentle.

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