This Poetry is for the Perceptive Readers Audience here who enjoyed the past poems and commentary on the drinks, such as the many tastes and wonderment of coffee! Smile

Ah My Hennessy

Well, in moderation the Sage Poets have enjoyed wine and additional drink stronger than lemonade as well. This is the experience and timing for some Sages, in their own style, choice to remember such a special occasion.

Savoring Hennessy

Ah my Hennessy, the guilty pleasure onlookers say I love

The smoothness of taste will still place a fire in your belly I say.

It is not to be wasted, not a single drop. The Gold coins you saved for special occasions and vacations accumulate in your purse

When you purchase a generous quart it is guaranteed to a quench man’s thirst.

Get your best robe and smoking jacket on because you deserve to be comfortable. The waiter brings a glass to you on a silver and diamonds platter.

What is all this I asked?

The waiter smiles and says: “Please pardon me sir I could not decorate this tasting Glass platter more with diamonds and pearls around the vicinity; but truly what can compare to the deeply cultural taste of Hennessy?”

I smiled: “You are quite right, never would I disagree.” Taking a kiss and taste of the glass’ contents, “Ah My Hennessy.”

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