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A Year Unlike Others

A Year Unlike Others Product of Culture Poetry Creation

Creation and published Date December 26, 2019

Author: James Lynch Jr

A Day
People give serious thoughts
Making plans making goals with good intentions
What are yours
Did you tell anyone

Whatever may be the case
Make sure fear doesn’t take away the base

Oh how that word interferes in so many plains of existence

Granted it is not by choice

Will this be the year you find your voice

Not just in your head
But a public tone instead

This for many is the true realization
An acknowledgement of a person or situation has to be done with confidence for true efforts to take full effect.

You publicly acknowledge him or her and they will claim you.

Learned this point from a good book. Saying this or that person knows doesn’t apply when  a public and clear testament must be made

Fear causes ones to wink with the eye
To nod the head and look down

Will this be the year you hold your countenance higher and feel a God Given Power

Not in selfish pride, but in honor and dignity

This year can be truly rewarding will you see
Just make sure your intentions are clear with no fear or shame and look in the Mirror for a life reflection of Me

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