Single by 30 commentary

A Single by 30 Commentary (Featuring Kina Grannis and Harry Shum Jr.)

Single By 30 starring Kina Grannis Harry Shum Jr.
Wong Fu Productions (Philip Wang, Wesley Chan, Ted Fu)
This is a ratings & commentary based on the hit pilot series Single by 30.

Single by 30 Commentary

This Single by 30 commentary is dicussed in these categories:
2.Intelligent writing

1 through 5 Rating System.

This commentary is for the benefit of Kina Grannis, Harry Shum Jr. and Wong Fu Productions fans; inasmuch for the valued listeners of the Perceptive Readers podcast.

This commentary is also to highlight the skills and capabilities of the whole Wong Fu Productions. They are a neat group of people to say the least.

Keep in mind to still take my commentary with a “grain of salt” as they say. This commentary and review is IMHO.
Take care!


Kina Grannis

Harry Shum Jr.

Wong Fu

“Perceptive Readers podcast,” heard this commentary first:

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