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A Question Answered

A question answered is so much better than unanswered.

A question answered

We learn many things through experience, do we not? Take learning to ride a bike. It would be a big surprise to find someone in a western developed land who does not know how to ride a bike.
Anyone who has seen a bike most likely knows/knew one time or another how to ride one.
Even though people have said for years that riding a bike is something you never forget, and it brought us immense happiness, many of us used this skill less and less when needed a car or truck.

Whether it was a bike or four wheeled vehicles, how did it all start?

It started with a desire and a question.
How do you ride a bike?
Can you teach me to drive a car?

Oh what a feeling when the person answered back to you in the affirmative and with instructions!

Just how many thousands of questions have you had answered so far in life?

Ah, never thought about it, huh? When you are introspectively thinking every day, you most likely ask questions based on the mundane to out of this world!

In this state of mind, we also at times ask the same questions over and over even when we know the answer.

Speaking of questions and answers, here is a thoughtful poem for you Perceptive Readers.

As we lay in our cribs,
What is this and what is that?

How do I make the sounds of mom and dad?

As we well past the toddler stage, why can’t I no longer suckle my baby bottle, it can’t be bad?

Stay away from this and stay away from that… Why? why? why? What is the catch?

The teen years go by like a blur, the facts and figures promotes us to say mom, dad, please not another question.

With another puzzled response, every family unit ask, are you sane? That line of reasoning makes me question in the same vein.

Oh come what may look how you have grown.

On graduation day you’ve grown this far, and my oh my you are shinning like a star.

Happenstance, you questioned your heritage, and the parents your sanity, but with the questions answered everything became clear

People long-lived say the only thing that is certain is change.

I say on this day in this frame, questions are a part of life and we should feel free to ask them.

My Dear, Answering questions shows respect and love; in which there is no fear.

Happy Graduation Day!

Author James Lynch

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