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A Pleasure to Showcase KiBLS The Poet

A Pleasure to Showcase KiBLS The Poet

Greetings. Over the years, you have read student reports, author’s writings, interesting poetry here at the Product of Culture website. It has been a pleasure to showcase these talented writers & artists here for the perceptive readers. Well, Well meet the pen of KiBLS.

You first saw his creative works highlighted here in 2018:
KiBLS The Poet

Kibls uses his free flowing thoughts to make some of the most interesting poetry. He also posts poetry in the Product of Culture Minds.com group as well.

The journey begins

Today I will follow my fate.
Today I will open the gate.

Equipped with everything necessary.
Nothing more here that could be scary.

I have to start my walk alone.
It leads me out of my comfort zone.

I will explore wonderful worlds,
Inspiring me to write beautiful words.

I’ll bring out the best in me.
A strong foundation of how it shall be.

Day after day I’ll walk toward light,
With all the heavens walking by my side.

And when I reach my goal,
All the parts will be a whole.

(written by IO & KiBLS)

Kibls a Showcased Poet in 2019

I am pleased to inform you that Kibls, in his graciousness, is agreeable to sharing his poetry on the POCBOOKS website. For the 2019 year schedule, you will have an opportunity to enjoy at least seven of his poems at this website where the subscribers will receive notifications as the poems are posted. Please see the sidebar or the next section after this article to sign up. Nice to have you here and enjoy!

A Pleasure to Showcase KiBLS The Poet — Poem 1

Answers from the depths

Or; “creative power of thoughts” part two?
Well, just let me continue!

I don´t see any problems.
Because I am the solution!

I don´t realize any chaos.
Because I am order!

I don´t feel separation.
Because I am connected!

I don´t accept any restriction.
Because I am boundless!

I don´t ask any questions.
Because I am the answer!

(written by KiBLS)

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2019 Wishing you all the best for the enhancement quality of life!

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Much appreciation for you and the others you tell about this website.

A Pleasure to Showcase KiBLS The Poet — Poem 1 | Go to page 2 of this poetry series

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