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A Pleasure to Showcase KiBLS the Poet Poem 3

A Pleasure to Showcase KiBLS the Poet – Poem 3

G’day.  Over the years, you have read student reports, author’s writings, interesting poetry here at the Product of Culture website. It has been a pleasure to showcase these talented writers & artists here for the perceptive readers. It is my pleasure to continue this pen of KiBLS poetry series. You first saw his creative works highlighted here in 2018.

Kibls the poet uses his free flowing thoughts to make some of the most interesting poetry. He also posts poetry in the Product of Culture Minds.com group.

KiBLS is quite the creative with Blender as well

Blender is a free and open-source 3D computer graphics software.

Please, now, enjoy poem 3 in this series.

Poem 3 – The Rebirth of the Phoenix Poetry

The rebirth of the phoenix

Do you hear the flames crackle in the deep?

Seemed as anything rested there to sleep.

It has been quiet for such a long time.

In the deep something is reborn from sublime.

Phoenix – he has been often named.

For the day he rises, it is wisdom he has claimed.

There is nothing that could hold him longer.

Every failure makes him so much stronger!

Now the flames begin very high to blaze!

At this point in time – everything seems craze!

The phoenix now rises from the deepest ground,

to receive the melody of life when she starts to resound.

(written by KiBLS)

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It has been my pleasure to  Showcase KiBLS The Poet — Poem 3

The website’s Owner Poetry corner

Wishing you all the best for the enhancement quality of life!

The Abilities of the Mind

There is a mind that states I can never do it

How can something so marvelous be underestimated
Maybe it is not to be contemplated
But are you one to say it must be calculated

Start with your senses and how they work
Not consciously; but subconsciously without any prodding or perks

Consciously think on and apply what is best
Then allow your mind to act on the rest
Will you remember this while reviewing for your next test

As your left and right hemisphere harmonize together
There is a guarantee your mind’s abilities will go on increasing forever!


Much appreciation for you and the others you tell about this website.

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