A Defensible Crime Shows Report

A lot of people watch crime shows on a weekly bases. Some years ago a student wrote a report on these dramas effects on culture. This video is an introduction to the report/essay.

Scientific American made an interesting observation on one show they broadcasted through Twitter and Podcast.


RT @sciam: TV crime shows, like “Law and Order,” influence sex consent views, study finds. https://t.co/4LZHaINOAm [Podcast]

Crime Shows Report Introduction


Read things for yourself

It is good to stay informed on matters of health. Our physical and mental health is affected by what substances we consume on a regular basis. Of course, it is still a choice to pick your entertainment.  Hopefully, you will find this 3 part Crime Shows report of some interest. This report is still being provided as an FYI to ones who never read it.
Enjoy the intro animated video and the report in the provided links.

  1. Report on Dramas
  2. Crime Drama
  3. Crime Drama



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