A Brighter Day To Remember

In this post we talk about the Sun, Rain, Coffee and Happy Graduation!

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G’day Perceptive Readers,

Today is Monday, June 14, 2021. What a beautiful day it is in your mind and heart… If the sun is smiling with rays on your face, then all the more magnificent! Even the rain has a way of smiling at you when you have a warm cup of coffee in your hands. Speaking of coffee, here are the first 3 Coffee Warming Our Bones podcasts in this 4 part special series. 

Coffee Warming The Bones Part 1 is an interesting understanding on why we love coffee so much! Do you have a favorite brand? Are you willing to try something new?
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Celebrate the 5 year anniversary of “In Our Bones”, Against The Current are teamed up with James Coffee Co.

Keep in mind the New Apples and Oranges Series has no set ending or completion date. Hence, it will run for about a season, if you will, through podcasts, videos, and articles. 

One more thought…

The Graduation With Poetry Flare (GWPF) Book chapters 9 & 10 I decided to extend longer before closing them out on Booknet.com. These two chapters will continue along with everything you have read and enjoyed so far!

Here are the listed titled chapters and subheadings:

Description of book “Graduation Day with Poetry Flare” 

Narrator Open: This is a Happy and Special Day! It is once again my pleasure as well to share these writings with you that we hope will stay with you forever. And we do mean forever!

By the end of this book, it is the goal to keep the bright light of learning burning evermore brighter. If you allow yourself to be surprised by each new section, the appreciation on this special day will never leave you. Of course, you are saying, ‘I will never forget this day.’ Yes, we who have experienced joyfulness of such special days know exactly what you mean and is certainly in agreement. Hence, the outcome is for further edification that cradles what you are feeling right now. Read or listen along now on just how this profound statement of experience also has meaning for you. 

GWPF Manuscripts

On Booknet.com Display

What We Have Planned

The Poetry and Graduation Introduction

Poetry for a Special a Journey

Part 1 Keynote Graduation Day & Feeling Wise

Chapter 1

The Beginning of Knowledge 

I. The Start of Knowledge

Part A Keynote — What friends do for one Another

Chapter 2

II. The Goal

A Fathers Love

The Making of Your Diploma

Part B Key Note — What friends do for one Another

Chapter 3

A Thirty second jingle

The Knowledge Prepared You

The Attending School Thoughts About Mom

Part 2 Keynote Graduation Day & Feeling Wise

Chapter 4 Kindergarden

These following activities 

Years 2 to 8 in Kindergarten

Part C Keynote — What friends do for one Another 

Chapter 5 Elementary

Poetry The Sunflowers Will Blossom

Years 5 to 10 in Elementary

Part D Keynote — What friends do for one Another

With a little motivation Yes, You Can

Mind Active

Chapter 6 Words in Writing

Words in Writing The Beginning

Words in Writing Letter A

Words in Writing Letter B

Words in Writing Letter C

Part E Keynote — What friends do for one Another

Chapter 7 Summer Break Activities

Summer Break Activies

Words in Writing Letter D

More Quick Summer Break Thoughts

Story Creation Turns Into StoryTelling

Story Creation Turns Into StoryTelling Conclusion

Summer Break Went Fast!

Chapter 8 

Words in Writing Letter E

Years 11 to 13 in Middle School

Sociology as an Elective

The Fine and Performance Arts Electives

Chapter 9

Words in Writing Letter F

One From The Land 

STEM as an Elective

Chapter 10

Words in Writing Letter G

Flowing Against The Current

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James Lynch

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