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A Ben Hur Question from a Son

A child’s Ben Hur question in story. In the 1950s, a movie came out called Ben Hur. Families since that year have watched this movie together. It was a regular practice in many western culture homes to watch at certain times of the year. Children were told to sit still and be quiet during the movie by the parents. It was not a difficult thing to do because the movie kept the attention for the adults and children alike. FYI- There are scenes in this movie that made you cringe (blood), even though by today’s ratings some people would not be affected at all. In this scene, you will see Charlton Heston playing a character dying of thirst. It makes your throat dry just looking at him. Sense the relief as someone comes to his aid.

A Son’s Ben Hur question

A son asked his father, “Why?” When the powerful Centurion responded to the stranger in an unexpected way. The father’s response, “He saw himself looking back at him.”

The Ben Hur Question Scene the son pondered.

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